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Bay Area Artist to Create Murals Across America, Beginning in Flint MI.

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Inga painting at the Interchange Counseling Institute

Bay Area Artists Inga Loyev wants to use public art not only to help beautify a community, but to help bring it together and give it a voice.  She grew up in the Ukraine, and saw first hand how art and propaganda was being used by the Russian and Ukranian governments to mold public imagination and opinion.   She is now herself creating public art, but in a much more democratic fashion.  By working with local communities to select the design and gain permission for the location, she then brings in the local community members themselves to help create the art, and by funding the project independently using kickstarter, she is not even depleting public funds to do so.   So the project is beholden to no one but the people.

It really is embowering the community to choose and create it’s own public art, and they need your help to finish funding the mural project for Flint MI, and then hopefully in towns all across America.  Check out the Kickstarter here, also the video and info below says it all:

About this project

783 million people worldwide lack access to clean, safe drinking water. The 2014 Flint Water Crisis reminded us that this problem isn’t unique to developing economies. Political issues are as difficult to manage as infrastructural challenges. We can do better.

Imagine a Community Painting Project in Flint, MI of a mural depicting an elephant, a donkey, and their children, drinking water together from a shared pond; representing our currently divided political climate coming together to solve the problems of our shared communities. By examining these grey waters through the power of art, we aspire to call upon our representatives to elevate public safety above political partisanship.

A painting project I created in Feb 2017 at a community event in Berkeley, CA

Community painted murals are created when an artist designs a concept and an outline for a composition. Then the artist partners with people in the neighborhood to finish painting the wall together. I have designed a series of murals to create space for neighbors to have difficult but essential conversations giving the participants artistic license to infuse the sketch with their interpretations of the theme.

It has been very important to me that people who live in Flint want this project on a wall in their neighborhood. Thus the first step was to connect with local institutions such as the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint Public Art Project, City Planning Department and Flint Underground to ensure that they would be excited about the concept and would like to see it take form. When supporters on the ground began to emerge, I contracted them to interview Flint residents and activists to be featured in the campaign video. Seeing expressions of excitement and hearing words of appreciation for the project inspires me to take this idea to the next stage and procure funding.

A Community Painting Project I executed in Dec 2016 commissioned by Stripe

There have been several potential walls suggested and once I raise the funds, I will go to Flint and, in dialogue with artists, will choose the right wall in a walking part of town. I will then work with the community of Flint to co-create an event inviting residents to come out to paint this mural together and thereafter celebrate.

The raised funds will cover the creation of the first mural in Flint and conceptual development for the Murals Across America series. The costs include travel, lodging, supplies, equipment rental and compensation for the artists and other workers who have and will provide skills and services for the Flint project. Additionally, a filmmaker will be contracted to document the co-creation of the wall, interviewing the participants and creating a short film about the project which we will share with all of you as a thank you for your support.

A small mural Inga completed for Back in the Day Bookshop in Dunedin, FL

Painting a local mural invites people to take ownership of the urban environment around them, creating collisions for neighbors to get to know each other. A local cultural attraction creates a sense of pride and civic engagement that often lasts generations to come.

The visual narratives of the future are told through art. This sort of public work cannot happen without funds to support the effort. We need your help to make this real.

Who is Inga Loyeva? 

Inga is an American artist whose mission in life is to use Art to make the world a more beautiful and a better place. She has been producing oil paintings and public murals for over a decade and oscillates between themes of beauty or delight and socio-political narratives. For her, painting flesh is an exploration and expression of painting humanity. To learn how to do this well, she traveled to Florence, Italy to study (and then teach) how to paint flesh like a Renaissance master bringing a classical touch to contemporary art. She has exhibited work at the Victorian and Albert Museum in London, Soho Fluorescent Festival, London and Museo Villa Bardini, Florence, Italy. She has created public art as commissions for Back in the Day Books in Dunedin, FL, Autocom Nissan Dealership in Oakland, CA, Interchange Counselling Institute in Treasure Island, CA and many others.

Who else is involved? 

People who have worked closely with Inga to bring this campaign to life include Joshua Goldbard with logistics, Lauren Huff and Michael Morgenstern with creation of the video,  Dawei Li and Jenny Larson with spending hours interviewing people on the ground in Flint and helping to create local connections, and Sile Bao with relentless pep talks and support. We all look forward to having an opportunity to work with more people who are inspired by this project and want to get involved.


All effort has cost and we need your support to achieve these goals. Here are the artworks Inga has designed to solicit your help.

Sticker Pack

For a $25 pledge you’ll receive a 10 sticker pack featuring original artworks by Inga. Use these to add a splash of color to your belongings. You’ll also receive a thank you card signed by Inga.

Cell Phone Cover

For a $75 pledge you’ll receive a cell phone cover featuring an original artwork by Inga. The design comes from Inga’s experiences in Ukraine. In addition, you’ll also receive the sticker pack as well as the signed thank you card.

Art is Hard Blooper Reel

For a $100 pledge, you’ll receive the “Art is Hard” blooper reel featuring the outtakes from the campaign video. Sometimes the funniest things happen when trying to make art.  You’ll also receive the T-shirt, sticker pack, and the signed thank you card.

Revolutionary Poster



For a $120 pledge, you’ll receive an 18″ x 24″ poster with one of 6 themes. Printed on high gloss paper, these posters will look great wherever you are. You’ll also receive the sticker pack and the card.

Color Outside the Lines Poster

For a $180 pledge, you’ll receive an 18″ x 24″ poster featuring the outline for the mural. You’ll be able to color along with the community of Flint, Michigan. You’ll also receive the Sticker Pack and the Thank You Card.

For a $250 pledge, you’ll receive a 30″ x 40″ Signed Archival Print. Printed on high gloss paper, these posters will look great wherever you are. You’ll also receive the sticker pack and the card.

10″ x 16″ Original Artwork

For $1250, receive an original Inga Loyeva artwork. This is the actual original painting, not a print. Limit of 5 works available.

For a pledge of $5000, you will receive an original Inga Loyeva painting, not a print. Above illustration is an example of Inga’s work. Limit of 5 works available.


Donate to the Kickstarter HERE

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