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Who’s Your Garbage Pail Kid Doppelganger?

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Remember back in the 80’s when ‘trading cards’ were kind of a big deal?  Back when magazines and VHS ruled the day and Garbage Pail Kids could be found under every child’s bed?  Next to a sling shot, some Halloween candy, and an old Playboy with half the pages ripped out?

Now you can take a trip down memory lane with a new and exciting app that will generate your very own Garbage Pail Doppelganger!!  That’s right, all you have to do is type in “Garbage Pail Kid & ‘YOUR FIRST NAME'” and the app will show you your very own Garbage Pail Kid.  Ready?

Go to ‘’, type in “Garbage Pail Kid (your first name)” and make sure you select an ‘image’ search.  You’ll get to see your very own version of a dirty, probably mortally wounded, garbage child created by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman & his garbage partner Mark Newgarden.  For example here are my garbage doppelgangers:

My GPK Doppel was ‘Ailing Alex’

You may even be lucky enough to get a recent rendition of yourself, as the Garbage Pail Kids franchise has been cutting new decks in the 2000’s as well.  In fact there is a ‘Trumpocracy’ Garbage Pail KidsThe First 100 Days deck that got released in 2017.   Like the parody of conspiracy theorists and all around insane person Alex Jones from Info Wars: ‘Angry Alex’

And Donald Trump of ‘Trumpocracy’!

There’s even new music themed decks from a series called The Shammy’s“:

So don’t be shy, text your friend their Garbage Pail Doppelganger today!  Maybe you’ll get a GPK classic:


Or maybe you’ll get a recent celebrity GPK:

Have Fun! It’s super disgusting!

You can find new Garbage Pail Kids cards for sale at, and their classic collections are on sale on Ebay and Amazon too.

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