America is Racist, and Trump’s Reactions Prove It

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Why is that when a black person criticizes America, they are called “ungrateful”, “unpatriotic”, & “spoiled”?

But when an orange person criticizes America, they are “telling it, like it is”, they are “standing up for what is right”. they are “speaking truth to power”.

Why is that when Nazis and white supremacists marched on Charlottesville, and one of them murders a woman and injures dozens more, the President says “there was blame on both sides”.

But when a black man peacefully protests police violence and racial inequality, the President says he’s a”son of bitch”, the Presidents says he should be “fired” for protesting.

Why is it that even today, black players must kneel to be heard, while white players still stand during the national anthem?

What is it about America that makes black people see the flag differently than white people?  Why do some black people not feel the same ‘pride’ for the flag?

Why were white people so angry at Rosa Parks when she protested racial segregation on public buses?

Why were white people so angry when Muhammed Ali refused to fight in the Vietnam War?

Why were white people so angry when a black man became president?

Why are white people so angry when black people express their right to protest?

Why is the elected President of the United States a blatant, unadulterated, bona fide, white supremacist?  There is no doubt now, he doesn’t even wish to deny it anymore.

The answer is, because a large portion of the American population doesn’t see anything wrong with being racist.  They still, don’t, get it.  We’ve made great strides for equality as a country, but we still have a long way to go.  And I, for one, will not stand for another national anthem, until black people do once more.

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