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Where to Drink During Autumn In NYC

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Taking a trip to New York City can be one of the most fun things you’ll do in your lifetime. There’s just so much to do there, like visit museums or immerse yourself in different cultures. There’s history and life all wrapped up in one place, which will spark the adventurous spirit of anyone who drops by for a quick trip.

In between visiting the tourist locations and your dream hot spots, you’re bound to get tired at some point. Instead of heading back to your hotel for a night of plushy pillows and endless movies, relax while still enjoying your NYC experience by seeing different restaurant and drink venues. You’ll be able to grab a glass of something unique to New York City without using up what little energy you have left.

Not sure where to go? There are plenty of crazy and unique places to grab a drink in NYC if you know where to look. Just make sure to not go for whatever seems like the usual for you. Try a new drink or sit down in a place that’s unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before. There’s so many places to choose from around the NYC area that doing some research before you hit the road this fall is your best option to find the best venues and the best drinks.

169 Bar

Enjoy the fun feel of New Orleans without leaving NYC when you visit 169 Bar. The bar is themed so you have fun before you even order, since you walk into a room filled with lights of all different kinds of colors. After texting your order to the bar, sit down and enjoy the music (especially on a weekday night when the place is less crowded).

ABC Beer Co. Shop

Consider yourself a beer enthusiast? This is the place for you. With twelve local brews on tap and plenty of appetizers to choose from, the ABC Beer Co. will leave you walking out with great reviews. Dining alone? Don’t worry, they’ve got free wifi to help you out if the fall weather is too chilly to be outside.

Amor Y Amargo

Where else will you be able to find a tiny hole in the wall where you can get only handcrafted cocktails but in Amor Y Amargo in NYC. This small getaway will transport you with their delicious drinks and chic interior decorating. It’s a cozy and delicious place to spend time in on a cool autumn evening.

Brotherhood Winery

For those who are enjoying the city but want to get away for a bit, take a short drive out of town to the Brotherhood Winery. It consistently makes lists that include the best wineries in New York, and it’s close to the big city you’ll be visiting. Sip the blends they’ve worked on for nearly two centuries and enjoy the changing leaves before heading back to the Big Apple.

Roof At Park South

One of the best parts about being around the tall buildings of NYC is chilling at a rooftop lounge, which Roof at Park South can give you. You can take a breath away from the crazy rush of the city while still enjoying a view of the Chrysler and Empire State buildings. Make sure to sit by the heater though, as the fall breeze will make the rooftop just a bit chilly.

House Of Wax Bar

This bar is great for those who are interested in the creepier side of history. By visiting the House of Wax bar, you’ll get to sit back in Victorian-themed décor and look at oddities snatched straight from the 19th-century. Wax figures and faces will stare at you from all directions, which are sure to be interesting conversation starters.

Beauty Bar

Maybe you’re visiting NYC for a girl’s weekend or bachelorette party—if so, check out the Beauty Bar. You can get your hair and nails done while sipping on cocktails. It’s the ultimate spa experience that you have to try if you’re in New York City, especially since the fall season is a busy one for bridal parties to hit the town at more well-known locations.


This fall when you travel to New York City, make sure to try something that can’t be found on a travel guide. Visit local bars and wineries that are unique to the area. You’ll be glad you did when you get home, because you’ll have had an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

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