Leaked Memo Reveals Trump Cabinet Halloween Costumes

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An alleged ‘leaked memo’ from the White House reveals that there will be a Halloween party at the White House this year and Trump is producing it personally with Stephen Miller and Kellyanne Conway as hosts.  For security purposes the secret service required all guests to submit their desired costumes beforehand. Luckily someone leaked the list of the submitted costume ideas for ‘Trumpapalooza Spookfest Halloween 2017! Hosted by Stephen Miller and the Krypt Keeper Kellyanne Conway!’ Here are the wardrobe choices by Trump Halloween party guests.

Steve Bannon’s ‘Scary Ghost’ Costume

Bannon loves the classics.  Bannon may have been ousted from his job at the White House but Trump still invited him to the big bash this year.

Stephen Miller’s ‘Charlie Chaplin’ Costume

Trump’s favorite speech writer Stephen Miller reportedly wants to come as silent movie star “Charlie Chaplin”.

Kelly Ann Conway’s “Crypt Keeper’ Costume

Kelly Ann Conway is dressing as the Crypt Keeper again this year, people often mistake her for the famous host of HBO’s ‘Tales from the Crypt’ on a day to day basis anyway.


President Trump’s ‘Cowboy’ Costume

Trump reportedly wants to dress as a good old-fashioned American cowboy.  Or what he calls, ‘a picture of heroism and masculinity’.

Melania Trump ‘Prisoner’ Costume

Melania Trump reportedly submitted a costume she calls ‘a metaphor for her situation’ to the secret service.

Jeff Sessions ‘keebler elf’ costume

Jeff Sessions is taking the easy way out and more or less going as himself.

Mike Pence’s ‘Closet’ costume

Mike Pence is going with a metaphorical costume this year, insiders say he’s being very tight lipped as to what his ‘closet’ costume symbolizes about him.

 *Obviously this entire list of costumes is unsubstantiated, unconfirmed, and also, entirely made up.
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