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Check to see if SFMTA owes you money, $600k of unclaimed overcharges

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Every now and again the SFMTA takes stock of all their overcharges and tries to give the money back to the people.  Last time they let it acrue to more than $6 million dollars in overages until they opened it up to repayments.  Now, if you think you were double charged for a street cleaning ticket, or overcharged for parking tickets you can look up your name on the SFMTA LIST HERE.

Over 7,000 drivers are owed money from citations issued since June 30th, 2014.  The deadline to reclaim funds is Dec. 14th 2017.  If you don’t get money before then, the city will simply keep it.  Here is the text from the SFTMA Site:

“NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that for more than three years, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has held approximately $600,000 in unclaimed funds for overpayments and duplicate payments received for parking and transit citations issued between January 1, 1995 and June 30, 2014. These funds are being held in the SFMTA’s Operating Fund. Claims for return of monies held may be filed by either calling 415.701.3000 or going to Unclaimed monies will become the property of the City and County of San Francisco on  December 14, 2017 if no claim is filed.”


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