8 Ways to Get High for Hanukkah

Updated: Dec 14, 2017 11:32
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There’s a lot of awesome things to love about Hanukkah like eating latkes, playing dreidel, and lighting candles. But let me tell you, as a Jewish kid, Hanukkah was never as awesome for us as Christmas was for everyone else. I know people are like “But you get eight days of presents!” but ask any Jewish person, Hanukkah presents are mostly seven days of socks and one day of fancy socks.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Sava, the premier marketplace for hand-crafted cannabis goods, to make Hanukkah extra awesome this year. In honor of the  Hanukkah miracle, where a day’s worth of oil managed to keep candles lit for eight days, we’d like to make sure you also stay lit all eight days of Hanukkah. It will make eating latkes and playing dreidel all that much more enjoyable.

Here are 8 products we love that will get you high for Hanukah:

Somatik Ritual Cold Brew

The folks at Sava teamed up with Ritual Roasters to create this one of a kind cannabis infused Somatik Ritual Cold Brew coffee. Yes you read that right! Crafted to be a functional dose that anyone can integrate into their workday or their play-day, each bottle is infused with just the right amount of cannabis for any day of the week. Get yours here.

Mondo Cannabis Powder

Mondo Cannabis Powder is the perfect addition to pretty much anything you plan on consuming. Veggie dip, smoothies, aioli, whatever needs an extra punch of pot, Mondo Cannabis Powder will set you right. Get yours here.

Chooselove Caramels

The world of edibles gets more delicious by the year and Chooselove Caramels is at the top of the list. With both THC and CBD options and flavors that range from Apple Pie to Sweet Hibiscus there’s a little something for all your favorite mensches this year. Get yours here.

PremaFlora Flowers

There are few words more magical to Bay Area folks than “sustainable” “organic” and “small-batch” and lucky for you PremaFlora Flowers is all of the above! By purchasing PremaFlora flowers you support small farms and sustainable organic practices, preserving the best of California’s rich cannabis heritage. Get yours here.

Emerald Alchemy Bubble Hash Rosin

The world of cannabis has opened up in so many different ways over the past decade and wonderful things are being done in methods previously not thought of. That’s where Emerald Alchemy Bubble Hash Rosin comes in. This specialty solventless concentrate is produced through a process of heat pressing cannabis between two steel plates. It makes it extra awesome. Get yours here.

Eel River Vape Pen

Eel River is taking their sustainability game to a whole new level by using the first ever dry farmed cannabis! That means they don’t even use water to grow their weed? Are they warlocks? Maybe! You’ll just have to find out more here.

Atlas Edibles

Just because you might eat some junk food when you get the munchies doesn’t meant the edibles that you take have to be junk food too. That’s why Atlas Edibles is so great! They are healthy, delicious, and use only the highest quality ingredients. Get yours here.

Hepburns Petites

Let’s face it not all of us are meant to be excellent joint rollers. That’s why pre-rolls were invented. And nobody’s pre-rolls are as cute and convenient as Hepburns Petites. Hand-rolled, these little delicacies come in an adorable tin that you can reuse for anything you’d like. Get yours here.

Happy Hanukkah my lovelies. Make you receive all of these throughout the holiday and if not may you give them instead.


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