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10 Homebrewing Gift Ideas for The Holidays

Updated: Dec 19, 2017 08:56
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Whether new or experienced when it comes to homebrewing, it can be difficult to find the right holiday gifts for your favorite brewster. The equipment sounds like something that should be in a mechanic’s shop or a mad scientist’s lab, and the ingredients, while slightly familiar, are often beyond the gifter’s realm of knowledge.

How do you find that perfect homebrewing gift, when even your homebrewer has no idea what you should get them? They talk about homebrewing passionately and don’t start the hobby, or it seems like they have everything already needed. Here’s a list of ten practical and exceptional home brewing gift ideas for the holidays:

Equipment Kit for HomeBrewing


It’s never too early or too late to start home brewing. Help you loved one stop talking about home brewing and get started by purchasing the right gear. An equipment kit gets your future home brewer going with the essential equipment. Get the one above right here.

Recipe Kit for HomeBrewing


Your homebrewer has the equipment but isn’t sure what batch to start. Help them decide by purchasing a recipe kit for home brewing, from IPAs to stouts. Maybe they could start with your favorite. Here’s one for a Hoppy Amber Ale.

Designing Great Beers


Does your homebrewer pour over ingredients and relish sampling each batch, comparing batches and taking notes on the results? Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels focuses on historical to today’s brewing practices along with detailed information on formulas and ingredients.

This book is perfect for the home brewer who is equally passionate about the science and creative sides of home brewing. Designing Great Beers is packed full of vitally relevant information on brewing calculations when it comes to planning and adjusting brews as well as cross-examinations of new and old recipes, from 14 popular lager and ale styles to older brewing records. Get a copy here.

Temperature Controller


Controlling temperature is a vital aspect of fermentation. A temperature controller assists with the regulation of a fermentation fridge, and many are easy to install as other “plug and play” devices for the home. Get the one above right here.



You can’t make a quality batch without a good fermenter. Don’t worry if the homebrewer already has a fermenter. Getting another only gives them added spaces to make more beer and more frequently made batches may mean you get more samples! Get the above one right here.



There’s a science to home brewing and many like the detailed work of doing the calculations for themselves. One tool will make any math-loving hom brewer nerd out: the refractometer measures the precise gravity/density of your liquid, and in other aspects of science, it does the same with fruits, vegetables and other plants, too.

The guesswork of mashing completion is no more and sparging is simple to track. Adjustments are more easily made. Get the above one right here.

Stir Plate


A stir plate is a simple upgrade that can directly impact the quality of a beer. The stir plate shifts and arouses the yeast to a healthy point before pitching — helpful when making a yeast starter. Get the above one right here.

Brew Kettle


The bigger the brew kettle, the more creative you can get with your batch. If the homebrewer is moving into the intermediate stage, they’re going to need a bigger pot as kettle capacity is important for the wort especially when going all-grain.

For example, all-grain batches will need seven gallons, at least, when boiling wort, and if you’re using a ten-gallon recipe, your pot should be around 15 gallons. Get the one above right here.

More Carboys


Every homebrewer needs more carboys. When you have five carboys, you want ten more.

When you have more carboys, you have more batches going at the same time, more space to age batches longer and more dry-hopping. Just as gardeners will find a use for more raised beds, and home brewers will do the same for carboys. Get the above one right here.

HomeBrew Working Pub Garage


image from pintrest

What do you get for the homebrewer that has everything? Their set up gets the job done, but a homebrewer needs a stylish place to produce, store and sample those fine homebrews away from the stress of the world.

An overlooked option is the garage. Conduct a secret mission to convert the garage into a brewing station and pub to give your loved one the space they deserve. With the proper outfitting, the workspace is easily controlled, doesn’t disturb anyone at home or in the neighborhood and can make for a stylish place to invite friends and family to sample brews away from it all.


When your brewster goes on their next passionate monologue about homebrewing, listen closely to their complaints and interest. Do they need another kettle or fermenter? Are they running out of space for home brewing?

These ten gift ideas will help you secure a well-loved home brewing present that may get you more samples out of the deal, too.

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