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We have Your Oprah and Michelle 2020 Gear

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With all the buzz going around about Oprah Winfrey possibly running for president in 2020 we couldn’t help but think that Michelle Obama would be a wonderful running mate. So we made a t-shirt about it.

While the election is far away, and a million things could happen between now and then, the thought of these two badass, visionary women of color in the White House is rather stirring. Especially after the ugly hate machine that has been Donny and his pack of goblins.

I know half of you are gonna be all up in the comments section, both here and on Facebook, calling myself and each other names, and talking shit about all this. But I don’t really care. Do I think that Oprah is the answer to the question of “how do we save the republic?”, not really. But the shirt is cute, the sentiment is lovely, and honestly, an Oprah/Michelle ticket is probably WAY better than whoever the Democrats will end up mustering to run.

Check out the whole line of Oprah/Michelle gear right here.


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