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Astonishing photos from the 18th Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race

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On Easter Sunday the hipsters, techsters, youngsters, oldsters, hip-hoppers, cross dressers, selfie takers & merrymakers all converged on San Francisco’s most curviest crookedest street – Vermont Street– for the 18th annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race (BYOBW).

BYOBW has to be one of the most diverse of San Francisco’s cacophon-esque events. Big wheels are the lowest common denominator. Pretty much anyone can relate to the childlike glee invoked by the idea of bombing down a hill on these toys. Its SF’s spring Halloween, with spectators dressing up as much as participants.

An endless procession of drifting trikes streams down Vermont street. BART was there as well as Ronald Reagan and Abe Lincoln, Colonel Sanders bombed the hill with Ronald McDonald, while the In & Out associates were taking selfies, Mario & Luigi crashed into countless super heroes and monkeys collided with guerrillas and a whole bunch of bananas. A carrot rode down on the Weinermobile while a green polka-dotted cowboy with a 50 gallon hat bridled a palomino horse wearing roller-skates. Onlookers weren’t always certain exactly what they were watching, but there was always more of it.

Everyone’s a winner at BYOBW.

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