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Patricia’s Green Has A New 50ft Glowing Art Installation!

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In a rather delightful way, Burning Man keeps a storage space on Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley.  The San Francisco Arts Commission and Recreation and Park Department carved out a year lease for another sculpture that grew out of the Playa.  Artist Charles Gadeken’s 50ft LED sculpture ‘SQUARED’ is now on display, replacing the beloved Temple at Patricia’s Green by renowned artist David Best.  Fun fact, Patricia’s Green is called that after a Hayes Valley resident named Patricia Walkup, the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association president at the time and a leading force in the success of taking down the ‘Central Freeway’ in 1998. Thus making Hayes Valley a real neighborhood and not some kind of freeway rest stop.

Temple at Patricia’s Green by David Best

Charles Gadeken is a storied SF artist and founder of a great artist workspace in Hunter’s Point called the Box Shop.  (If you are an industrial artist in need of storage or a dope machine shop check them out.) Gadeken describes his SQAURED sculpture as something “reimagined in a futuristic world post nature,” and like many structures built for Burning Man, it becomes something quite incredible at night.  Check out what it can do in the dark in the video bellow.  The display it put on at Coachella is mesmerizing:

According to the arts commission, each cube holds 12-24 individually addressable LEDs, programmed through custom software to generate millions of colors and thousands of patterns. A pre-set program directs waves of colors and patterns that sweep over the tree to create an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of light.

Interactive control table Burning Man 2014. Photo by Lukasz Szczepanski

And now ‘SQUARED’ is in the heart of Hayes Valley, and there will be a dedication event with live music – May 5, 2018, 6-9 p.m.

Gadeken is responsible for all sorts of other incredibly beautiful light structures, to see more his work checkout

ROSHANAI muqarna gate at Burning Man, by Gadeken and friends. Photo by Arin Fishkin, 2016.

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