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FREE Outdoor Festivals in NYC this Weekend

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When you’re young, broke and beautiful AND living in one of the most expensive cities in the world it can be hard finding entertainment for free. Lucky for you here’s a list of four events going on around the city this weekend that cost no dinero.



Red Hook Park, Brooklyn |7pm – 10pm

This will be the quietest dance party you’ve even been to. There is no DJ but rather attendees get a pair of wireless headphones and can tune in to the channel of their choice and dance their hearts out. No one else will know what you’re listening to. There will be hundreds of people listening to all different genres but still dancing together. Let the rhythm move you.


Harlem NYC| 12-6pm

Produced by the New York African Chorus Ensemble this free event brings together singers, dancers, artists and traditional ethnic cuisines from cultures around the world. The organizers mission is to use the arts to combat racial, ethnic and religious violence in the community and bridge divides between cultures. Activities include live performances, arts and crafts, food and retail vendors, activities for children, free giveaways and more.


21ST and Broadway| 1pm

Come see over 10,000 dancers take over Broadway this Saturday. With over 80 different styles of dance to see, from ballet to break dancing, there’s something for everyone. But be warned there are Dance Police in the crowd who will ‘ticket’ people who aren’t dancing along.


134th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Democracy Prep Public Schools host the Korean Street Festival, a celebration of Korean culture for the New York City community. It’s an opportunity for the school to share their knowledge of Korean culture through performances and cultural activities. There will be food, traditional Korean games, face painting, K-Pop dance, taekwondo and more.

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Joe DeLong - NYC Editor

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