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Broke-Ass Stuarts Weekly NYC Comedy Breakdown!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019 14:22
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New York City is known for many things. To some, it’s the dirty-water hot dogs from a street cart or pizza on every corner. To some, it’s the flashing Broadway lights of the iconic Times Square. What can’t be denied by anyone is the fact that New York City is one of the biggest entertainment capitols of the world. And we’re making Broke-Ass Stuart your go-to for weekly stand-up comedy listings in the Big Apple. Each week, we’ll highlight the best of the best in the stand-up comedy world from the best producers in the business. We’ll highlight clubs, basements, bars & maybe even a secret location or two.

And with that being said: Here’s your weekly breakdown!

Cipha Sounds Hosts “Mo Better Days” – Photo Credit: BET

Mondays (Weekly/Monthly):
Mo Better Days at Diviera Dr (131 Berry St. Brooklyn)
Hosts: Cipha Sounds & Petey DeAbreu
Every Monday night at 7pm, the team behind the already insanely popular “Better Days” Manhattan show has decided to venture across the river to Brooklyn. With shows now on Monday nights and Wednesday nights, Better Days is becoming one of the best teams to follow. You never know who is gonna drop by, on top of an always killer line up.

Butterboy at littlefield (635 Sackett St. Brooklyn)
Host: Jo Firestone, Aparna Nancherla, Josh Sharp
Every Monday at 8pm, Butterboy comes to littlefield in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is home to some of the best shows in NYC all week long but Jo, Aparna & Josh have one of the best new shows in the country on their hands. Always a line up that rivals most in the city and always a handful of drop in surprises, if you’re in Brooklyn on a Monday, you can’t go wrong with this show.

Hush Money at Pinks (242 E. 10th St.)
Host: Mehran Khaghani & Lillian DeVane
Every Monday night at 8:30pm, Mehran & Lillian continue to bring you one of the top shows in NYC. Why is that? You get free beer from 8pm to 8:30pm, a free show at 8:30pm and free money whenever they feel like giving it to you. This week is an insanely packed line up and it’s gonna fill up quick. Dan St. Germain is featured this week.

Dan St. Germain at Hush Money – Photo Credit: Youtube

Tuesdays (Weekly/Monthly):
Gold Comedy at The Williamsburg Hotel (96 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn)
Host: Elsa Waithe & Jes Tom
Every 4th Tuesday at 7:30pm, Elsa Waithe & Jes Tom now bring you Gold Comedy! The show is brand new to the Brooklyn scene but the people behind it absolutely know what they’re doing so Tuesdays are in good hands in Brooklyn. This week features Kerry Coddett.

Hot Soup! At Irish Exit (978 2nd Ave)
Host: Varies
Every Tuesday at 8pm, one of the hottest shows in the country comes to The Irish Exit. Producers Gary Vider, Matt Ruby & Mark Normand have one of the longest running and hottest shows ever on their hands and it’s one of those shows that you absolutely must experience in NYC. Get there early for a seat. There are always surprises. Don’t miss out!

Don’t Look Back at Sensei Bar (135 Eldridge St.)
Host: Vinay Umapathy & Sean Patrick Millea
Tuesday at 8pm, get over to Sensei Bar for a comedy & music show that’s not to be missed. Nice thing about shows like this is that there’s something for everyone. From 8 – 9:30pm, you get the laughs. From 9:30pm to 11, you get the tunes. This show features Usama Siddique.

Usama Siddique at Sensei Bar – Photo Credit: Tunestub

Wednesdays (Weekly/Monthly)
Better Days Comedy at Better Days (302 Broome St.)
Hosted by: Petey DeAbreu
Wednesdays at 9pm, Petey hosts one of the best shows in NYC. It’s one of those shows that you can only catch in places like NYC or LA. It’s an amazing show every week filled with headliners left & right and it’s free every single week. Get out there every week.

Too Many Cooks at Lucky Jacks (129 Orchard Ave.)
Hosted By: Luke Touma, Jordan Temple, Samantha Ruddy, JP McDade, Dina Hashem
Wednesdays at 9pm, there may be Too Many Cooks in the kitchen but there’s always enough kick ass comedy on the stage. This show loads up the hosting duty and has some of the heaviest hitting line ups in the city. It’s a show you should absolutely check out any time you can. Drop ins are frequent so you never know who you’re gonna see.

Barely Making It at The Creek and The Cave (10-93 Jackson Ave. Queens)
Host: Varies
Wednesday nights at 8pm, The Creek & The Cave starts off the middle of your week right with Barely Making It! This showcase always has some of NYC’s best comics on the line up and has included all sorts of drop ins working out televised late night sets along with special guests like TJ Miller. It’s a free show and you never know who you’ll see.

Thursday (Weekly/Monthly)
The Filthy Show at Sissy McGinty’s (25-67 Steinway, Astoria)
Host: Andrew Monge & John Gaali
Thursday nights at 8:30pm, you’re going to need to strap in and keep your triggers at the door because Astoria is getting filthy. The Filthy Show hits Queens and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Thursday Night Comedy at The Lantern (167 Bleeker St)
Host: Various
Thursday nights at 8pm & 10pm,The Village Lantern comes alive before the weekend. Every week, Thursday nights start the weekend off right with two shows (and even a midnight show sometimes). Always free, always packed and always a couple great shows.

The Bomb Shelter at Gaf West (401 West 48th St.)
Host: Varies
Thursdays at 8pm, one of the best shows in Manhattan happens at Gaf West. The Bomb Shelter is known around town as one of the best shows around. It’s a free show, you get free pizza and you can almost always see some drop in performers in a fantastic, intimate setting. Get there early or you’ll miss out.

Jeff Cerulli at The Bomb Shelter – Photo Credit:

Friday (Weekly/Monthly)
Polished Comedy at Beauty Bar (231 E. 14th St.)
Host: Josh Carter
Friday at 8:30pm, Josh Carter brings Polished Comedy to Beauty Bar in Manhattan. What’s Beauty Bar? It’s the only bar, nail salon & performance venue in the city. Josh co-produces other shows in the city, always books top notch talent and always has some surprises in his back pocket.

Creek Cave Live at Creek and The Cave (10-93 Jackson Ave)
Host: Varies
At 8pm on Friday nights, you’re invited to one of the best weekend shows in the city! Comedy den mother Rebecca Trent books & oversees a show full of the best comics in the country. There’s always a solid line up plus drop in performers left & right. Only $5!

Saturdays (Weekly)
The Early Show at New York Comedy Club (241 E. 24th St.)
Host: Varies
Remember when I talked about Ryan Dacalos earlier? Well, on top of his Monday Night show, he also runs one of the best shows in NYC on Saturdays at 5pm. You read that correctly…a 5pm show that is always damn good. He books a revolving line up of regulars like Aaron Berg along with drop ins from NYC & LA every weekend.

Lil Rel Howery Headlines at Carolines on Broadway (1626 Broadway)
Host: Varies
This Saturday at 8pm & 10pm, Lil Rel Howery (from “Get Out”) is headlining Caroline’s! If you haven’t seen Lil Rel live, I cannot stress enough how much you need to. Get to Caroline’s on Saturday!

Lil Rel Howery Headlines Caroline’s – Photo Credit: Vulture

Sunday (Weekly/Monthly)
Don’t Quit Your Day Job at The Grisly Pear (107 MacDougal St.)
Host: Amarie Castillo
On Sundays, one of NYC’s favorite comics, Amarie Castillo, hosts an early show full of NYC’s best. The nice thing about a 4pm & 6pm show is that there aren’t many of them so there’s a lot of big names available. Not only is Amarie one of the best onstage, she’s one of the best producers in NYC. See ya for brunch.

Bacon Bits at The Stand (239 3rd Ave)
Host: Remy Kassimir
Every Sunday at 3:30pm, you get 3 things: Amazing brunch, FREE BACON and one of the best shows in all of NYC early in the day so you have the rest of your Sunday open. Go now!

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