How to make a tattoo at home by yourself

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The ink culture is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Both young and adult people want to decorate their bodies with ink pictures to express themselves, and some even experiment with DIY tattoos. But let’s be honest. You won’t make a permanent high-quality tattoo at home until you’re a tattoo artist who has years of experience working with rotary or coil tattoo machines. Yet, there are some ways to get a temporary tattoo at home. The beauty of temporary tattoos is that they help you decide on a body part and tattoo sketch for your permanent tattoo (if you plan to make it in the future), give you more time to think whether you really need to make a permanent tattoo, and remove it easily if you suddenly understand that you don’t need any pictures on your body at the moment.

Henna Tattoos – A Piece of Indian Culture on Your Hands

To give yourself a traditional floral tattoo with henna, you want to follow several simple steps:

  • Buy a henna paste or henna powder. While henna paste is ready to use once you open it, you’ll need to mix henna powder with water until you get the necessary consistency. Don’t forget to remove large plant sticks (you can even sift the powder) before adding water.   
  • For hassle-free henna application to your skin, move it to a squeeze bottle. You might also need bottle tips of different sizes if you want to add details to your tattoo. Apply henna on dry clean skin in accordance with a sketch you’ve prepared in advance.
  • Let your tattoo dry for at least half an hour. If you want your henna tattoo to be more long-lasting, extend drying time to 1-2 hours.
  • Remove dry henna leftovers from your hands – use a dry (or soaked in oil) cotton ball to do it – and enjoy your new temporary tattoo. Keep in mind that it’s recommended to avoid applying water to a henna tattoo during the first day to prevent it from fast discoloration.
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Although henna is a natural substance, it might cause dermatitis or allergy, so make sure you aren’t predisposed to these health conditions before giving yourself a tattoo.


Back to Childhood

Just like any other temporary (or permanent) tattoo, tattoo stickers should be applied on dry clean skin. So the first thing you want to do is to wash the part of your body where you want your tattoo to be with soap and dry it completely.

Then, take a sticker, unpack it, and carefully place it on a clean body area with an ink side down. Once you do it, take a soft dry cloth and press the sticker firmly to your skin for 60 seconds. Try not to move in order not to smear the fresh ink. When a minute passes, remove white paper carefully and let your new temporary tattoo air dry for about 10 minutes. To prolong its nice look on your body, you can apply water-based lotion over it.


Tattoo With a Pencil for Art Lovers

This option gives you a chance to draw what you want to be tattooed on your skin on your own. Or, if you can’t draw well, just copy  a tattoo sketch from the Internet with a tracing paper. Then, use a permanent marker to make your picture brighter.

Apply rubbing alcohol to your skin so it covers as large area as your picture is and put your sketch on wet skin. Press the sketch for about a minute so you get a thin outline of your future tattoo. Then, remove a piece of paper and use a pencil marker or waterproof eyeliner to make your sketch darker.

To make a pencil tattoo stay longer, apply baby powder over your skin and remove it with a tissue.  You can do it a couple of times, darkening your tattoo with a marker between powder applications.


So, What About Permanent Tattoo?

As it was already mentioned, getting a permanent tattoo on your own at home is impossible until you’re a tattoo artist (or just reckless). However, this inability has its advantages. For example, if you decide to get rid of a tattoo you made when you were young and careless, you won’t have to go through a difficult procedure of tattoo removal that is a long-term, painful, and expensive process. Moreover, it’s impossible to remove a tattoo without leaving marks and scars on your body, so think twice before going to a tattoo salon.


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