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29Rooms: A Feast for Your Eyes and Your Instagram

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This post was made possible by the fine folks at Adobe Spark. As you’ll see below it’s a rad app that lets you do really cool effects on photos and videos. Download it for free right here.

We’ve reached an interesting juncture in history where visual art and social media are making sweet sweet love to each other and creating very shareable babies. From the Museum Ice Cream to the Color Factory to the Hall of Breakfast, an entire new genre of immersive and interactive art exhibits are springing up where you’re encouraged to experience the creations hands-on. The fun is then amplified when you share the awesome photos you take while doing so. It’s not your fault if your friends get jealous, in fact that’s part of the plan.

Enter 29Rooms, Refinery29’s “Annual Funhouse Of Style, Culture, And Creativity”. Started in 2015 as a place where you can experience the splendor and spirit of Refinery29 in real life, 29Rooms is 29 different interactive art installations from some of the worlds most creative artists and designers. Over the weekend Kayla and I got a chance to visit the fantastic pop-up  and take rad photos and videos of the dope creations inside. Just look at some of the cool installations below:

This installation was about empowering women.

Lovely women posing in front of an installation about love.

Where you can get badass temporary tattoos

This piece was about transgender rights and the importance of all gender bathrooms.

As you can see, the art was both stunning and most of it had important messages. The Adobe Spark installation was extra cool because they created a real life version of their new app. Folks got to stand in front of an artsy background and helpers used different filters over lights while a photographer snapped pics. Look at this great pic he took of Kayla and I:

But what was even cooler was that, after I downloaded the app, I was able to use Adobe Spark to edit, manipulate and improve what I captured with my phone. It allowed me to make some incredibly shareable content. Just look at this rad video I made below:

And check out some of these other cool things I was able to make using the app:

And the ones below acted as little videos on my instagram that played automatically. As you can see, the Adobe Spark app let’s you add all kinds of really great effects:

And that was our time at 29Rooms. It’s currently hitting up different places around the country, but I imagine it will probably be back in San Francisco next year. Hell, I may just create one of these popup art installation things myself.

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