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Burrito Perfomance Art & Feeding the Hungry in SF

Updated: Jun 12, 2023 10:18
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Since we love burritos, comedy, and awesome nonprofits, it was only natural that we interview Bay Area native Kristee Ono, who not only does she do comedic videos about eating SF burritos, she also volunteers with SF Burrito Project, an amazing organisation that meets once a month in the Mission to make burritos for the hungry in San Francisco.  If you’re interested in all things SF burrito…this is the interview for you, meet Kristee Ono a comedian (and burrito connoisseur) you should know.

Name: Kristee Ono

Where are you from Kristee?
I was born in SF and grew up in South San Francisco, native Bay Area kid.

What’s The Burrito Project SF all about!?
So, after my 100 Burritos in 100 Days challenge all of my friends would just start posting news and advances in burrito technology and culture, and one day I got a post about the Burrito Project SF an organization meeting monthly to make and distribute burritos to those who are hungry or living on the street. For me burritos, and really food in general, are the ultimate show of love and kindness so as soon as I heard about this I was on board to support anyway I could. I volunteer whenever I can, and the monthly Mermaid Show at the Exit Theater  that I co-produce has collected donations for the Burrito Project SF as well.

The Burrito Project SF celebrated it’s 2nd year in May 2018, and it has officially made over 10,000 burritos for the hungry!

What kind of Burritos do ya’ll make?
The Burrito Project SF makes hundreds of vegan burritos to pass out during their monthly event. Everything is fresh and homemade at the  Martin De Porres House Foundation kitchen.

How can someone help out/join the Burrito Project?
There is a monthly letter that goes out for shift sign-ups, and you can sing up for that here:
Sign Up for their Email List
You can also donate money for ingredients and supplies through their website:
They meet every month at Martin De Porres House Foundation • 225 Potrero Avenue • San Francisco, CA 94103
SF Burrito Project on Facebook

Delightful SF Buritto Project Volunteers


Where’s the best al pastor in the Mission?

My favorite is from either El Castillito or the El Farolitto on 24th and Alabama. I never claim to know the best because I don’t want to fight with people on the internet. Also, tell me what you think is the best, I want to try all the al pastor.

Kristee attempts to eat her favorite 8 sf burritos in 8 hours

Have you ever eaten more than 3 burritos in a day?
I think three burritos is the physical limit for at least myself. But I am always open to train more and push myself to the limits.

Where do you do burrito performance art regularly?
My big burrito performance art project was the 100 Burritos in 100 Days which was a 100 day challenge documented on Tumblr and Instagram. This Ate to 5 project was a challenge from my long time friend Brian Cheung,, who shot and directed the video. My stand up is mostly about mental health and food, and perform all over the city as much as possible, you can find me regularly at the Mermaid Show every fourth Saturday at Exit Theater, that I co-produce with Mimi Villmenay and Trishna Saigal. Then I am part of Komedio Comedy a nerd comedy network and we do a lot of comic conventions, podcasts, and fast food adventures.

Blue House Farm out of Pescadero has donated organic veggies to the SF Burrito Project in the past

What’s a good burrito themed one-liner?
My favorite thing to say about burritos is “I’ve never met a burrito I didn’t like.” Also Burrito Justice (@burritojustice) in their Twitter Bio has ” Taco en Paz, Burrito en Guerra,” and that’s basically the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Favorite venue in the city right now:
Favorite Burrito Venue is Papalote because Victor and Miguel are great dudes and fine burrito makers. Favorite Venue for comedy, man there are so many, Exit Theater houses the show I run, Piano Fight is also a fun spot, Milk Bar on Haight runs shows all week as does Rite Spot in the Mission, but there are comedy shows in literally every neighborhood and it’s great.

To follow Kristee check her out @rabidpixie on insta and twitter @rabidpixie

Also checkout SF Burrito Project on Facebook and signup for their email list for more volunteer info!

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