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World’s First Floating Halfpipe and Art Show

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We weren’t kidding when we said floating halfpipe.

Many great mashups have happened throughout the years; Jay-Z and Linkin Park, peanut butter and jelly, frisbee and golf, you know, disc golf. Well, not all combos are the greatest but who wouldn’t love some extreme sports like vert skateboarding and BMX  AND an art show…. on a boat. Yes, you read that right, the Cruise for the Culture concept put on by As Detroit’s Own, just might be the world’s first floating halfpipe and mixed medium gallery. Sounds too cool to be true? Take a gander for yourself:

The Cruise for the Culture showcased art from Detroit photographers and painters and aerial art from local skateboarders, BMXers, scooter-ers(?), and even a blader. With beats bumping by DJ Invisible, the multi-hour cruise took passengers, artists, and daredevils up and down the international waters of the U.S. and Canada upon the 5-story Detroit Princess Riverboat. You can make this is up! Yet, Jordan Garland thought this up AND made it happen.

The Detroit Princess Riverboat: Home of the floating halfpipe and art show.

DJ Invisible had double dual duty keeping the afternoon and sunset cruises hyped!

Speaking of firsts/only, pie was delivered from Sicily’s Pizza by the J.W. Westcott II a.k.a the only boat in the world with its own zip code. 

Things like this should spark creativity and give humans the idea that there’s plenty of positive firsts out there still to be had in our great wide world and small communities alike.

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