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Adventurous, Floating, Art Experience for Immigrants in SF

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A fascinating new art project and Bay Area adventure is in the works, being lead by Richie Rhombus & WildKind Productions, known for creating “socially conscious art experiences for the curious, delicate, dangerous, and wild kind.”  This time they’re creating a floating, sailing experience that focuses on immigrants, immigration, food, compassion, connection and of course, the Bay Area.  But we’ll let the video do the talking for us:

Immagracious Project Description:   ‘Four artists will team with immigrants of their native language to design an experience about the immigrants’ stories and favorite food. The immigrants’ story of how they got to this country will be told on the boats, and an interactive feast will be created and served on Angel Island. All guests will be immigrants chosen by the artists. All artists and participating immigrants will be paid equally for their participation and time. Visually beautiful artistic passports will be created that glorify the immigrants’ lives. And an open-conversation about immigrant futures will be gently facilitated during the meal. The stories told will be personal and expressive. The feast will be delicious and connecting.’


“The table is a centerpiece and stage of every gathering. It is around this table that barriers are dissolved and a cohesion is formed through the sharing of food.”
– Sanaz Gangei, Immigracious artist for the Persian food experience

For more info on the project, to find out about the book they’ll be making about it, and how you can you help support the project check out the Immagracious gofundme here.

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