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New MUNI Ad Campaign Clearly Written By Your Dad

Updated: Jul 22, 2019 15:44
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Our beloved SFMTA has released a new series of ads as part of a ‘passenger courtesy campaign’.  The ad campaign is posted in the new MUNI trains currently in circulation.  It’s an important public awareness initiative to help address common complaints submitted by MUNI passengers and improve ‘transit etiquette’.   So naturally, they asked your Dad to write it.

Don’t worry though, your Dad is a “hip” guy. Take this ad he wrote using a lyric from the Notorious B.I.G:

Can you hear your Dad asking you if you ‘get’ it?,  Yes, Dad, we get it.

“Mo’Backpacks Mo’ Problems, Your new train’s aisles are Notoriously B.I.G. Keep them clear by removing your bags.”

When the SFMTA board needed some fresh ideas to really get young people talking about the importance of ‘transit etiquette’, they didn’t hire a fancy PR firm. No.  They went to a guy who has his finger on the pulse of American culture, a guy who not only taught you about etiquette, but has told you the same three jokes since you were seven years old.  That’s right, they clearly got your Dad and his sense of humor, to write their new campaign.

Here are the other public awareness messages you will see on the new MUNI trains:

Remember when your Dad danced to this song at that wedding?  He didn’t quite know the words but sang along anyway, and did a couple regrettable ‘moves’ on the dancefloor that your mother definitely did not like.  He remembers too, and really likes to bring it up for some reason.  Anyway, now you can have that memory every time you look up during your morning commute.

Your Dad was cool back in the day.  He gets it. Bob Marley right Dad?  Cool man. ‘This is your Muni‘.

This is your Dad’s favorite.  Every time you ride the train with him now, he nudges you, then points up at the ad and says, “Hey, did you see what those kids did to that Ad?”  He then laughs at his own joke, “It’s not real graffiti!  I wrote that! It’s fake ink!  Can you believe it?”  No Dad, we can’t, we really can’t.

This is the one ad your Dad is serious about.  He really does want silence when he’s listening to Simon and Garfunkel on the iPod you got him for Christmas in 2004.  He still tells people (loudly) how his iPod ‘holds up to 5,000 songs’, and how his kid got it for him for Christmas.  Your Dad is a sweet guy, his jokes, are a bit embarrassing but he means well, he’s your Dad, and you love him.

You can see the new musical, courtesy campaign ads in the new MUNI trains cars currently in circulation across San Francisco’s Municipal Railways.   See y’all out there on the rails…

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