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New Satirical Startup Claims to Have ‘Tech Solution to Homelessness’

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Via Michelle Lessans, Jen Johnson, and Chris Swimmer

A group of Bay Area artists will be gathering in front of the Twitter building Wednesday, October 3rd at 4pm for a satirical launching of a new start-up product called mySight. mySight claims to sell people a technological solution to homelessness, but in reality, it’s actually a pair of glasses with literal blinders so that you don’t have to be confronted by the harsh realities of your surroundings. The group will be using satire as a way to start a conversation about homelessness and the ways that un-housed people are treated in our city. People can come and engage with the start-up by trying out a pair of glasses and taking an informational brochure. Brochures will contain details on the “product,” but will also give people tangible things that they can do in an effort to address homelessness in San Francisco.
  • WHAT: Fake start-up product launch to bring attention to homelessness

  • WHEN: Wednesday October 3rd, 4-5:30pm

  • WHERE: In front of Twitter headquarters,1355 Market St, SF

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