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This post is brought to you by the fine folks at Helping America increase voter turnout by making voting fun, easy and social—so that you and your friends actually do it!

What could be better? We’re teaming up with motivote to help you vote (and make sure literally everyone you know votes) in this year’s midterm elections. Here’s how it works: Join the Broke-Ass Stuart voting team here by filling out a quick form and committing to vote. Start earning points by taking steps that get you ready to vote (points=chances to win free stuff, from Amazon gift cards to workout classes to discounts on coffee). Confirm you’ve voted with the rest of the Broke-Ass Stuart team by taking a selfie with your “I voted” sticker outside of your polling location (or with your mail-in ballot).

Vote and make sure your friends vote!

You might 100% intend to vote on election day. But we all know that, at times, life gets in the way. We forget to mail in our absentee ballot. Or the lines at the polls are too long. Or your meeting ran late and all you want to do is order takeout and binge watch Netflix. motivote helps hold you accountable. That’s because there are real-life consequences to staying home (beyond, like, the end of democracy as we know it): motivote notifies the entire team when a player votes, which means we will KNOW if you don’t vote. We’re not above public shaming over here.

So join us now and motivote a friend today!

Help support our democracy by using the voting buddy system with us!  Sign up here!

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Alex Mak - Managing Editor

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