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Bay Area Concerts to Get You Through the Holidays

Updated: Dec 14, 2018 09:22
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Whether you just need a break from the manic holiday prep or are looking for an early knock-’em-over sort of present that you just can’t deliver in the form of a gift card, a spin through our guide to upcoming concerts might just be what the doctor ordered. We’ve picked out some Bay Area concert gems to keep you going from now through the Christmas rush.

Pro Tip: Pick up two tickets and casually invite yourself to tag along. Works every time.

Dec. 13

Tony, Toni, Tone is doing it again at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland Thursday night. Tickets are available through Ticketfly: $34 will get you in the door for a standard seat, but for $85, you can get a meet and greet with the guys you once knew so well from that poster in your room (don’t lie, you know you still have it).

Dec. 14

The Mother Hips will be gracing the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco Friday, with Paula Frazer of Tarnation opening the show. Tickets are still available at AXS for $25 if you need some last-minute weekend plans.

The Mother Hips. Photo courtesy of Public Theater

Dec. 18

Tenacious D will be at the Fox Theater Tuesday and, if you move quickly, you can still grab up Platinum tickets at just under $200 a pair. True, you’d really have to love Tenacious D to shell out all that cash right before the Christmas, but hey, it might be worth cutting that bratty cousin off your list anyway. Tickets can still be purchased through Oakland Tickets for $50+ a pop.

Dec. 20

H.E.R. will be taking over The Warfield stage with Bri Steves and Tone Stith and with tickets still available through AXS/Goldenvoice for as little as $34.50 a head, you can check out a great show for just about what it would cost you for a decent biryani and a few beers.

Dec. 21

Maybe you want to woo a sweetheart or bawl into your beer on a solo mission – a John Legend show is legendary for either pursuit. Catch him at the Fox Theater in Oakland if you have an extra $400 to $800 lying around. We know, we know…but that kind of emotional catharsis doesn’t come cheap. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

Too Short, Freaky Tales. Photo courtesy of Rap Music Guide

If you’re looking for the antidote to sap (a-hem, see above), Too Short at 1015 Folsom is your answer. Get your freaky tail moving for good cause – the show proceeds will go to benefit California fire victims and tickets will only put out $20. I think it goes without saying that this one is for the 21+ kids only.

Dec. 22

The 11-piece Funk Revival Orchestra is coming to town with Big Sticky Mess and DJ Kevvy Kev at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. If you were supposed to see the recently cancelled George Clinton show, this could fill your need for as little as $12, if you move quickly. Tickets can be purchased here.

Dec. 24 and Dec. 25

Do you have plans for Christmas Eve? Hell, what about Christmas? If the wrapping is done, or you just don’t give a damn, you can check out the one and only Reverend John Lee Hooker at Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco. Act fast for $30 tickets.

John Lee Hooker. Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone Stories

Now, that’s a merry Christmas!



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