Package Thieves Sprayed w Glitter and Fart Smell Bomb

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Almost everyone has had a package stolen from their doorstep these days, it happens all the time.  You see that something you ordered online was sent, but it never arrived.  Now a hero, and former NASA-JPL engineer and Youtuber Mark Rober, has done something about it!

As you’ll see in the video (ironically named Mark Rober) engineers packages that will spray fart smell and glitter all over anyone who attempts to steal them!  Not only that, but he’s rigged the packages to film the whole thing and geolocates them so that he can easily find the thieves too.  Brilliant!

Since the police don’t seem to have the time or resources to stop people stealing packages from doorsteps, we think they should adopt this new technique nationally.

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Alex Mak - Managing Editor

Alex Mak - Managing Editor

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