Oscar the Grouch’s #10YearChallenge Goes Viral, Ends in Hurtful ‘trashtalk’

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Sesame Street & Friends posted a #10yearchallenge for Oscar the Grouch in an attempt to do something nice for the famous curmudgeon, but it backfired.

The first major social media fad of 2019, #10yearchallenge, went viral around Facebook, Twitter & Instagram this week with millions of social media users posting side by side photos of themselves taken 10 years apart.  One photo from 2009 and one photo from 2019.  By far the fad’s most popular #10yearchallenge post was of Oscar the Grouch.  Sesame Street Friends posted the side by side images of Oscar, reportedly without Oscar’s knowledge, in an attempt to do something nice for the famous curmudgeon, and the post went viral with a massive show of support.  And as you may expect, Oscar hated it every second of it, and responded to the outpouring by trash talking his supporters.  Sesame Street Friends post said (see bellow):  “Oscar hasn’t aged a day!  Show Oscar some love by voting for him for the #10yearchallenge”!

Nobody expected the posts to go viral, By Wednesday, Oscar had received more than 1.7 Million comments across social platforms with the hasthag #10yearchallenge, creating what may be considered a personal hell for a very private and unfriendly, garbage monster.  Hundreds of thousands of compliments and follow requests were written on Oscars posts and sent to his personal accounts. What Oscar’s friends on Sesame street neglected to remember, was that Oscar hates friends, and attention, and people.

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Despite the Grouch’s best pleadings, fans continued to support his #10yearchallenge, and bombarded Oscar’s social feeds with support and compliments, which of course, made him very, very grumpy.  His initial answer to these posts on his own social accounts was simply: ‘SCRAM!!!” followed by several poop emojis.  As well as answering comments of support with things like, ‘LEAVE ME ALONE YOU STUPID MUPPETS!”

But as the onslaught of support continued he began posting videos of himself trying to get rid of visitors and singing about how he thinks love is gross, and how the only type of love he has, is his love for garbage.

Finally Oscar gave up and simply deleted his social media accounts in protests.  So we guess the #10yearchallenge is now over.  You can stop posting historical selfies now…please.

* This post is of course satire, we made it all up to make you laugh.

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