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Ariana Grande’s Tattoo is Funny as Hell, To Us Anyway

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Ariana Grande’s path to pop chart queen has not been paved with what many would call “good decisions.” Who can forget her recent engagement to and very public breakup with Saturday Night Live’s self -proclaimed resident “crazy” case, Pete Davidson? Grande did not disappoint the public her “next” bad choice.

She probably did not intend to give us all such a laugh but even she has to admit that her tattoo faux pas is ridiculous.

Ariana Grande attempted to have “7 rings” tattooed on the palm of her hand to commemorate the drop of her latest album under the same name. The problem is that she opted for Japanese symbols instead of going with a language she actually knows. With the omission of a few characters, “7 rings” becomes “shichirin,” which translates to something along the lines of “Japanese-style barbecue grill.”

Grande initially shared a proud picture of her new ink but took down her Instagram post after people started pointing out that the Japanese characters probably didn’t mean what she thought they meant. In a later post, she told fans she “wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol” anyway and she still thinks it looks “f–k n…tight.” And it certainly does, especially if you are really into yakiniku, known in English as “grilled meat.”

We’re guessing that’s not what she had in mind but it may come in handy if she finds herself hungry on her next tour in Japan.


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Nik Wojcik - East Bay Editor

Nik Wojcik - East Bay Editor

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