Jay’n Bee Club Closed Down. Damn it.

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Corner of 20th and York, SF

Jay’n Bee Club had all the elements of a great Dive Bar, it was old, it had history, it had good drink prices and an extremely local clientele.  And it even had bonus features like a patio, a more recently, a very decent pizza oven.

The place even served good, thin crust pizza

The Dive is already closed down and there’s a ‘for sale’ sign in the window.  The bar and building owners for some 20 years, Steve Benazzo and Mike Perry, are selling both Jay’n Bee and the residential spaces.  This location, on the corner of 20th and York, has been serving food and booze in the Mission since the 1940’s.  Now, rumor has it that the wife of the owner will use the space to open up a daycare business for children.

Chcck out this episode of ‘Check Please’ where Jay’n Bee Club is featured back when they were still serving Marta’s Mexican food in the 2000’s.

Cheers to you Jay’n Bee Club.  Your partially working neon sign, and always welcoming atmosphere, will be sorely missed.

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