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Spotify Is Giving Premium Members Hulu…for Free!

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If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, as of yesterday, you get a shiny, new perk: free Hulu.

The rollout of this new benefit is pretty user-friendly. If you’re a current Spotify Premium member, you simply need to activate Hulu through “Your Services” found in account settings. Members who already subscribed to Hulu through the music streaming service only need to sit back and enjoy watching their bill shrink by $3. New members will automatically get the hookup upon creating an account, which can be done here. But it’s all fleeting, with the offer only good until June 10.

There are a couple downsides for the serious Hulu viewers out there:

  1. The new offer comes with restrictions. Unlike its student plan that bundles Showtime streaming with the $4.99 monthly cost, the premium package makes it impossible for users to add premium channels, go figure.
  2. The new deal does not apply to family plans, which sucks if you’re one of those families that prefer a plugged-in road trip to, you know, actually talking to each other.

For people out there who don’t already have a Hulu subscription and have been shelling out $10 every month for access to your favorite songs, this is a pretty cool little gift, as long as you don’t care that you can’t watch “Game of Thrones.”

The endgame for Spotify with this campaign may be to increase per user revenue, which has slipped even as the music giant is starting to show a real profit. It seems the company is utilizing the catch-more-bees-with-honey model and for customers, that’s pretty sweet news.


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