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Be Butter than Devin Nunes

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Oh, Devin Nunes…

In the realm of today’s celebrity-driven Republican Party, Devin Nunes is like the bow-legged kid with headgear who will never fit in with the jocks and isn’t quite sharp enough in the cranial region to join the much cooler club of chess nerds. He’s a hardcore, Trump-loving Republican from California – that should explain just about everything you need to know concerning Nunes’s identity crisis and why he tries so hard to be accepted. The thing is, every time Nunes throws himself into the spotlight, he ends up looking like an udder moron.

He made a laughingstock of the House Intelligence Committee when he was chairman and now he’s managed to make a laughingstock of himself with a lawsuit against Twitter…and a cow.

Devin “Hope” Cow. Illustration courtesy of Scoopnest

Just like every other instance of Nunes in the news, the representative claims to be an integral part of a much bigger moovement. His lawsuit is supposedly intended to be the “first of many” against social media platforms accused of bias against conservatives, as he told Sean Hannity during an interview. It is true that some conservatives have a beef with social media platforms for perceived slants – an alt-right “rally for free speech” headed for San Francisco City Hall in May hopes to churn up some attention to the issue. But it is doubtful conservative anti-bias activists really want Nunes repping the fight, given his track record and the fact that he is literally taking on an imaginary cow (@DevinCow, just in case you want to follow).

The lawsuit Nunes filed, asking for $250 million in damages, is aimed at Twitter, one Republican strategist and two parody Twitter accounts: one that claims to be little Devin’s mom and one that claims to be his cow. The cow and the “mother” tend to share information about Nunes he doesn’t find so flattering, such as the amount of revenue his subsidized farm in Tulare brings in. Nunes may have hoped the lawsuit would discourage Twitter users from chewing the cud on him, but public reaction since the complaint news broke is garnering opposite results and again, Nunes is looking pretty damn silly.

The internet is flooded with bovine puns and butter yet, the cow is winning the follower game.

Here are few examples of reaction posts to Devin Nunes and his latest patty storm.

And if you’re still looking for a good time, check out the #ThisIsDevinNunes hashtag for depictions of udder epic fails. #BeButter, my friends.

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Nik Wojcik - East Bay Editor

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