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Two Escape From NY Locations, to Escape from SF

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The SF Escape from New York Pizza chain first began in the Haight in 1986, and as a legacy business it currently runs 5 locations in the city, but this morning the founder Paul Geffner confirmed via Hoodline Editor Allie Pape that the Mission and Polk st locations will be closing after Easter.   Thankfully the other 3 shops in SOMA, Haight & FiDi will stay open.

EFNY 22nd st. is closing Sunday

When asked why the closures were imminent Geffner sited the challenge of food delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDassh, who take a massive cut out of restaurant and food preparer’s pockets, to read more about this highway robbery checkout Joe Kukura’s coverage the subject last month: How Meal Delivery apps are killing your favorite restaurants.

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Geffner told Hoodline, “What people don’t realize is that companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash take 23% to 28% of your gross receipts when they deliver your food,” Geffner explained. “Basically, what they’re doing is advertising heavily to steal our business, and selling it back to us at a reduced rate.”

22nd St. location had really fun walls full of memorabilia

“The Mission store was an eccentric artist location,” he said. “It was unlike anything else, and it saddens me to close it.”  The Mission location was there for some 15 years and has a fun art collection put together by manager Chewy Marzolo.

For more on these closures checkout hoodline’s interview here.

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