5 Reasons Escape Rooms Are So Popular

Updated: Nov 13, 2019 14:17
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If you like to keep up to date on all the new trends, you may have heard of escape rooms. They started popping up in larger cities just a few years ago, and ever since, they’ve become something people pride themselves in completing. You’ve probably seen them advertised on the internet or noticed bumper stickers that say, “I Escaped!” Not sure what all the hype is about? You’re not alone.

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Here are five reasons why adults are in love with escape rooms. They may inspire you to complete one with your own friends.

1. They’re a Fun New Challenge

Part of being an adult is learning to live with routine. You have to do something to pay the bills, and no matter what job you work, it can end up becoming monotonous. You know what your daily schedule is like and what to expect, which leads people to crave something new.

New things are exciting. When you can’t take a vacation, it’s good to know you can experience something different where you live.

Escape rooms present a challenge you get to experience and solve. Being forced to think about things differently will result in higher self-esteem by the time you’re done. You’ll know you can overcome anything that’s put in front of you and value yourself even more.

2. They Help People Bond

While some escape rooms allow people to have an adventure on their own, they’re meant to be a group activity. Whether you complete an escape room with a friend or an entire team, solving problems together is a great bonding activity.

The first thing that bonds the group is the problem you have to figure out. Everyone will have different levels of skills to contribute to move on to the next challenge. This bonding continues until you’ve officially escaped and had a memorable experience together.

There are critical lessons everyone learns while in an escape room. You’ll identify problems and work together to reach the solution. Communication improves as everyone talks about what needs to happen next. It’s a fantastic activity for groups of people who work together, which gives escape rooms a big consumer base.

Escape room participants trying to solve puzzles to get out (pic by David Hoffmann)

3. They Develop Brain Functions

When someone attempts a puzzle, they have to adapt quickly to whatever it takes to solve it. Anything you do that has an objective counts as a puzzle.

Studies show that when people attempt traditional puzzles, it develops their brain functions. You’re stretching your mind in new ways, which will be helpful when you face other challenges in life. Puzzles are all about learning new skills, even though they’re presented as something that’s meant to be fun.

This ability to develop skills applies to escape rooms, as well. Puzzles are used to get out of the rooms, and it’s even better when people learn them alongside their teammates. It’s a refreshing break from typical team-building games at work or school.

4. They Feed Adrenaline Rushes

Whether you love the feeling of a rush of adrenaline or not, it does feel pretty amazing to accomplish something you never thought you could do. Escape rooms are so wildly different from what you’d experience otherwise in life that they provide a crazy adrenaline rush when you’re done. When that feeling is shared with the people on your team, it’s even better.

That adrenaline may fade, but the belief in yourself and the people you’re with will continue to grow. You’ll joke with your friends about how you all finished the escape room and then use those same skills in future situations. There’s an undeniable rush when you bond with people over shared experiences, which is one of the reasons why escape rooms have become so popular.

5. They’re a Break From Technology

Try to think of something you could do with a group of friends. Does it involve technology? Tech is so important in your everyday life. You use it to listen to music, do your work, turn in projects and even complete your hobbies. While it’s changed lives for the better and presents many opportunities that might not otherwise exist, it can mentally bog you down.

Escape rooms don’t require you to use your phone. You’re just left in a room with your friends. By putting all your brains together, you’ll get yourselves out of the mindset that you need technology to accomplish your goals.

Building on these skills outside of tech will make meetings much more productive. You’ll collaborate easily, communicate more effectively and be able to figure out the answer to situations that may arise. No need to search for help on the internet.

Escape rooms may seem like an odd form of having fun at first. The idea of getting locked inside a maze doesn’t sound appealing to some — until they see what escape rooms really are. It’s all about connecting with the group you go with, whether it’s a bunch of family members or people from work. You get to have fun and make memories in a way you couldn’t do otherwise.

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