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Country Bar with Mechanical Bull Opening in San Francisco

Updated: Jul 18, 2019 09:31
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Howdy y’all!  Welcome to Westwood!  An authentic, country music bar opening in the Marina District of San Francisco.  And we’re not joking!   This new bar will feature a mechanical bull in a hefty 6000 sq ft floor plan in America’s heartland, sometimes called ‘Lombard Street’.  Once again we are not joking.  The owner of the new Country Western bar is Kingston Wu (Financial Analyst) who is from the deep south, of San Francisco, and by that we mean Burlingame.  Wu told SF Eater this week that he grew up listening to country music, in Burlingame.

Broke-Ass Stuart was able to find the exclusive video of the new country western bar in San Francisco during its soft opening:

Now, for the first time, we are just joking.  That was footage of the movie 48 Hours, which took place in San Francisco, but the scene shown above was actually filmed in a country bar called Torchy’s in Los Angelos.  Now let’s get serious again.

Perhaps the oddest part about this news is that there is already a lively country music bar in the Marina called Jaxson.  Jaxson has 2.5 stars on Yelp, apparently serves all Budweiser owned beers on tap, and has a well watered, peroxide covered clientele.  If you’re looking for a bit of Schadenfreude, go to the Jaxson Yelp page, it’s chock-full of 1 star reviews mostly about the bar staff stealing from its patrons by writing in their own tips.

Anyway, Westwood is located at 2036 Lombard Street, where the sports bar Stock in Trade used to be.  It’s rumored that it will open sometime in May, with a fully operational mechanical bull.

As they say in San Francisco, ‘Yeehaw’.

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