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The Coalition on Homelessness is Moving & They Need Your Help

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This is the 2000+ person protest I helped organize with the Coalition on Homelessness during the Super Bowl.

Anyone who who has been to San Francisco knows we have a serious problem with homelessness. And anyone who reads this site knows that I use this platform to spread the word on how we can help fix the problem. I’ve been doing activism around homelessness for a long time and my main partners in this have been the Coalition on Homelessness.

The CoH are a street level organization dedicated to advocating for a better life for our houseless neighbors. As their mission statement says:

The Coalition on Homelessness organizes homeless people and front line service providers to create permanent solutions to homelessness, while working to protect the human rights of those forced to remain on the streets.

After 16 years in their current location they unfortunately have to move. And they need your help to do so. I’ll let them explain it to you below:

The building the Coalition on Homelessness is currently housed in has been sold. The new owners are tearing it down.

So, after 16 years of calling 468 Turk our home, we have to move everything to another office.

The upside is that we’re signing a new, long-term lease at a building owned by Hospitality House. Our new home will be just a few blocks down Turk Street, ADA-accessible, and best of all, permanent. The downside is that this move is unexpected and comes with many unanticipated costs.

We’re hoping to complete our move by late October 2019.

This move was unexpected, and comes with many unanticipated costs. We’d deeply appreciate it if you could contribute extra to fund the following:

New wiring, phone system, and internet: $11,000

Rent for transitional period: $4,000

Moving company, bulk paper shredding, dumpster: $4,000

Specialty moving services: $1,000

Total needed: $20,000

The Coalition on Homelessness does not accept government funding, and two-thirds of our budget comes from individual donors in our community. We are grateful for that support, which sustains our tireless efforts to end poverty and homelessness. Please donate to and share this crucial fundraising effort if you can!

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