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SF Streets in the 1960’s

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There’s no real theme here, it’s just photos from the 1960’s taken in San Francisco.  We found them on a random blog that had no author, gave no photo credits or explanations.  So if you know who took any of these photos drop us a line in the comments.

View Alcatraz ‘thru powerful glasses’

Lookin’ up toward Russian Hill, the cable cars haven’t changed much

Here are a series of pedestrians, none of whom seem like they wanted their picture taken.

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Alex Mak - Managing Editor

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  1. juanrico
    April 20, 2020 at 7:22 am — Reply

    I like the Be a Public Nuisance sign. I don’t know about the 1960’s, but there is certainly no shortage of that today on the street. 🙂

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