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Millennium Tower Builders Finally Agree Tower is Leaning

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After 2 years, 9 lawsuits, and 146 lawyers involved, the leaning Millennium Tower of San Francisco and its disgruntled residents reached a settlement worth $500 Million, and the taxpayers will definitely end up paying some of that bill.

It took 2 years for the developers of the sinking tower to decide on how to fix the problem, as well as convince the government it was partly to blame.  Even though the Millennium Tower developers didn’t bother drilling down into bedrock while anchoring their 60 story, luxury skyscraper. They somehow convinced the government that it was not their own terrible design plans that caused their building to sink 17 inches on one side, but rather the construction of the neighboring, city-sponsored, Transbay terminal that further destabilized the mud they built their tower on.


To fix the lean, they’ll need to add 52 piles,  drilled 250 feet down into bedrock.  The 2-foot-thick circular steel piles would be filled with steel-reinforced concrete. Twenty-two would be sunk along Mission Street and 30 on Fremont Street.  Because as of now, the building is still only anchored in mud, 90 ft deep.

They haven’t released the exact breakdown of the deal, but expect to hear in the future that the rich people living in this luxury catastrophy, and the builders responsible, will get you the taxpayers to help foot the bill.  Watch.

On the Millennium Tower website, there is a tab for ‘Building Reviews‘.  It asks visitors to leave comments but warns that non-constructive comments will be deleted, it says, “Would you like to leave a review of Millennium Tower? Or perhaps you have some tips or advice for a prospective buyer. If so please leave your review here as a comment on this post. Please keep it constructive or your comment will be deleted.” 

Naturally, there are zero comments.

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