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Global Warming Causes Electrical Fan Use to Increase by 9000% in San Francisco

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In 1970 the average low for San Francisco was a little over 53 degrees across summer months. By 2018, that figure was up to a little over 56 degrees.  “56 degrees at night in San Francisco is already untenable,” said a local San Franciscan, “But 80 degrees?!  We’re not equipped for this!”

Due to San Francisco’s history of mild weather very few residential buildings are equipped with air conditioners.  SF residents who live in Victorians built at the turn of the century are using old electric fans to keep cool at historical rates.  Fan shortages in the Bay Area have been reported in September, and many residents are threatening to move to Portland.

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Climate scientists predict that heat waves will only worsen across the globe in coming years.   Meanwhile, temperatures are supposed to fall in the coming days in San Francisco.   And, although we made up the statistics about SF fan use to make you laugh, global warming is still very real.




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