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Video Games for Your Vagina

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So, I’m sitting on a hospital room floor last night visiting my uncle when my cousin suddenly says she’d seen an advertisement for a kegel exercise video game, one where you shoot asteroids by squeezing your vagina muscles. My mom and uncle thought the the concept was pretty great. I was utterly fascinated by the idea. Yes, the vagina talk was a family affair, and why shouldn’t it be?

I started digging around and found a couple options to make pelvic wall health a more entertaining topic and thought to myself, it’s about damn time.

There’s no need to feel awkward talking about your vagina and ways to improve that lovely lady box of yours. The pelvic wall is an important part of your body as it has a direct impact on childbirth, sexual health and ability to combat incontinence. After kids or as you age, like any other muscle, it loses strength if you don’t work it out. Basically, if you don’t use, you loose it.

It’s recommended that women do kegel exercises three times a day, with about 10 squeeze repetitions each time around. It’s really as simple as squeezing, holding, releasing and repeat. But come on, that gets boring after a while and those Ben Wa balls are kind of a challenge for some people. The newer designs are focused on being user friendly, fitting much more like the hand in your glove.

Technology has taken things a step further, adding some entertainment to the daily routine that all of us women should be, and probably aren’t, already doing. Maybe a video game can entice you to squeeze your way to a healthier, happier pelvic wall.

There are pretty popular devices on the market right now that both use Bluetooth technology to connect the little buddy to your phone. On the actual health end of things, the apps monitor the strength and time of your contractions, and encourage you to increase both as you go. But it’s the video games that make it fun!

The Elvie Trainer retails for about $199 — obviously a hell of a lot more expensive the Ben Wa option but you also get a lot more bang for your buck. It’s a sleek, “pebble-shaped” design that supposedly fits just like a tampon would. The real-time biofeedback sent to your phone helps you detect when you’re doing the exercises incorrectly, which can cause you damage.

The price will get you a charging cord and storage container that doubles as a charger and offers customizable “fun” 5-minute workouts. And it’s kind of cute.

The Elvie Trainer. Photo courtesy of Nina on the Moon.

The Perifit looks a little more like a small dildo that does pretty much everything the Elvie does with games to get you squeezing. With each contraction, make the bird the fly even higher. Because, why not?

Perifit kegel exercise device and app. Photo courtesy of Digital Trends.

They’ve got a long way to go before you can get down like GTA with your pelvic wall, but I’m sure that’s coming soon. Really, the most the important thing is that you find a way to make kegel exercises part of your daily routine so you keep the bladder in control and the sex life healthy and strong. Have fun squeezing, ladies!


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