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Demanding Trump’s Removal Is the Only Patriotic Choice

Updated: Dec 12, 2019 21:49
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You can believe the current president is the best to ever hold that office. You can like his policies and truly believe he has your best interest at heart. Yet, you can still support his impeachment and removal from office. And you should.

This is a pivotal moment in history, one that transcends politics and preferences, and one that will shape how we function going forward as a country, be it under either or any party. We have to decide right here and now if the rule of law matters and if we believe every person is subject to it. How we individually feel about things like immigration, taxes, abortion or nationalist sentiment has no bearing on our choice at this crossroad. 

There’s disagreement about whether Trump is in fact guilty of soliciting a foreign government for his own political gain, and that can be debated. But there is no wiggle room on his blatant obstruction of Congress and of justice. The separation of powers built into the U.S. Constitution exists for our protection as citizens. It ensures that no one person can grab all control and that even the mightiest among us are held accountable.

You may not think he committed any crimes and you may even approve of what he was able to achieve with the questionable practices. But the coverup and refusal to submit to oversight and court of law is in itself a violation of the oath he took to uphold the Constitution. That oath is sacred, as all members of military can attest to.

Photo: U.S. Air Force

It’s not necessary to get into the litany of suspect actions and alliances in order to have this discussion and come to the right decision.

If you are accused of a crime, you are subject to the law and afforded the right to defend yourself, but you don’t have the right to refuse the process. If we as citizens are expected to follow those guidelines, than we should expect no less from the president of the United States — in fact, we should expect more accountability from the person who holds the most powerful job in the world. 

If we allow this one person to circumvent law, to disregard doctrine that’s guided us this far, we welcome others to do the same. Tables may be turned next time — a Democrat could some day be pleasing the base but breaking the law to get there. It’s a simple matter of precedent.

Policies are electoral matters, but destruction of the Constitution cannot be allowed between visits to the ballot box. That point is exactly why the framers provided the impeachment option.

This isn’t a proud moment for anyone, even for those who despise Trump. Both sides risk political backlash and lasting damage for what has already been done. Both sides will pay in some way for actions they choose to take from here, righteous or not.

Political seasons will come and go, different parties will take power and different ideologies will dictate our years to come, but the checks and balances are not intended to be fluid. If one is above the law, than anyone can be. 

If you are a patriot, you cannot in good faith allow this moment to pass without consequence. Be careful with that choice.


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Nik Wojcik - East Bay Editor

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