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It Says Something When the Wealthy Turn On Trump Too

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Political protests are often associated with youth, but across the Bay Area Tuesday night we saw a large presence of people well beyond the age of 50. One particular rally in Walnut Creek provided an interesting perspective on how age and economic status play into this whole impeachment thing.

Hint: It doesn’t matter as much as you’d think.

Not only was the crowd of hundreds predominantly white and seasoned in years, but several of them represent a core demographic Donald Trump believes he’s serving with his economic policies. They are of the age and affluence to own stocks, to own property in wealthy cities, to run businesses that serve other affluent people. But still…out in the cold with signs in hand, they came out to reject a president that admittedly lines their pockets.

Walnut Creek sits in Contra Costa County, where nearly 25 percent of voters chose Trump in 2016. The county is fairly representative of the country — it varies widely racially, culturally and economically. Much of the far eastern edges are still pretty rural and on the eastern side, cities like Richmond present an entirely different kind of reality. Walnut Creek, and the neighboring Lamorinda area, is definitively affluent and suburban. 

Until the past decade or so, the downtown Walnut Creek zone had an old, mom-an-pop feel. But the district has morphed into a shopping destination that resembles the likes of Rodeo Drive. It was in this spot, at in intersection bordered by Tiffany’s, Pottery Barn and Neiman Marcus, that local protesters Tuesday gathered and sang old Bob Dylan songs.   

Many of the protesters admitted to being beneficiaries of Trump’s tax policies, but were pretty clear that they’d happily do away with the financial gains to get rid of the president. As one woman put it:

“What’s your soul worth?”

Trump habitually boasts the economy as his ultimate success. What does it say when the wealthy would rather see him impeached, removed and in some cases, incarcerated? 

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Nik Wojcik - East Bay Editor

Nik Wojcik - East Bay Editor

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