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Beware: Trump’s Bullshit Is Getting Worse by the Day

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By Sunny Dell

Lurking beneath the primary fervor with its distracting bad apps and knives-out supporters lies a growing crisis: an insane and unhinged president.

The litany of assault that one moron has heaved onto this country since his campaign days is far too vast to even attempt quantification. Who knew he was only getting warmed up? 

Every pundit and concerned member of the public questioned what he’d do if he was emboldened by the bootlicking GOP Senate. We’re starting to get a taste of exactly what it looks like when an idiot narcissist is given free reign.

Just the day after he was wrongfully acquitted, he first went on the assault at a love thy enemy-themed prayer breakfast and then gave a gloating encore performance from the East Room with an attack-laced, incoherent ‘speech.’ 

But just like OJ, he still wasn’t satisfied. Trump’s version of ripping off a hotel room full of memorabilia consisted of a $4.8 trillion budget proposal that heaps money into the military — although they’ve requested a budget decrease — gives his rich bastard friends a few more bucks in tax cuts and sets aside $2 billion for a border wall that, if I remember correctly, Mexico was supposed to pay for. And the real kicker is he plans to pay for all his spending by slashing just about every social safety net there is.

He basically said ‘fuck you’ to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, HUD, EPA, SNAP, education and transportation funds. They’re are all on the chopping block in the deal he’s offering, despite the fact that Republican majority states disproportionately depend on federal entitlements. Obviously, the budget won’t get passed — not even Sen. Lindsey Graham is stupid enough to sign off on something like that in a reelection year. But it just goes to show how few fucks he gives about the people who have to live in this country after he makes his great escape to Russia someday.

But wait, there’s more.

We’ve known for a while now that Attorney General William Barr is no more than a suited puppet with Donald’s finger tucked up his ass, but the consequences since Trump’s ‘acquittal’ are now piling up as quickly as a tweak runs through an 8-ball. And with Congress hog-tied and law and order dead on arrival, there’s nothing to stop the asshole from setting the country ablaze.

Donald Trump and Wiliam Barr. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Trump’s latest overreach involves the absolute destruction of the DOJ that is now asserting control where it has no business doing so. It was announced just days ago that his buddy and self-proclaimed “trickster” Roger Stone was staring down the barrel of up to nine years in prison for being a witness tampering shmuck with a penchant for impeding congressional and FBI investigations. But the Donald was having none of it. 

On Tuesday, he called the sentencing recommendation — based on standard guidelines, by the way — a “horrible and very unfair situation.” Crazy, but not surprisingly, the Justice Department Wednesday issued a revised sentencing recommendation that bucked against what prosecutors suggested. And then, one by one, all four prosecutors in Stone’s case pulled off the case in protest, with one fully resigning from his job. Barr now intends to (not) answer to Congress in three weeks. Think of all the fun Trump can have in just three weeks.

In case you’re not following along here, in less than a week since the end of the impeachment trial, Trump has effectively dismantled every check and balance that exists to control a corrupt president. The budget attacks are just an insult to injury, because he can. 

Speaking of insults, did you hear the one about the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument he’s blowing up because it’s in the wall’s way? Yeah, that’s a thing.

You can’t make this shit up.

Remember all of this as you’re getting your Twitter threads ready to rip into Democratic primary candidates and their supporters. Maybe the nuances are not the most important thing right now. Maybe you’re the last stop as a voter before this crazy train goes off the rails entirely. 

This is not a fucking test, folks.             

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