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Your Witch Friends are Casting Spells with Their Orgasms

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by Laurie Riihimaki

From the astonishing tricks of Houdini to the spectacular world of Harry Potter, magic has always been a part of our society. The idea that something dazzling and unexpected could wondrously appear in our average existence is a concept that continuously blows our minds and makes our lives just a little bit more interesting, which is probably why we keep it around. 

And today, more than ever, magic is at the center of our world. Not sure if it was the revival of Sabrina on Netflix or the fact that the world is going to shit and we all need a little magic to get us through, but either way, there is not one person who does not know a self-proclaimed “witch” …usually with free-flowing hair, smelling of sage, with a crystal around their neck and shelves full of essential oils, herbs, and tarot cards. Legit – that is the new-age witch starter kit, which you can conveniently piece together from overpriced stock at Urban Outfitters. 

This trendy witchy fantasy everyone is trying to live out, however, does have some hidden magic we are just finding out about. The newest fad: casting spells with orgasms. 

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Now, we knew orgasms were powerful, but the witch community is adding a lot more ummph to your climax.

Maybe why that’s why your ex called it his magic wand.

What’s Behind Magic?

Magic is all about intention. And the intention is how you manifest things in your life. So let’s say you really want a new car. Your old one sucks and you’re getting sick of the unreliability of getting to work – so is your boss. 

If you take the witch approach, you can harness your energy by focusing on the dream of a new set of wheels. This requires constant hoping, wishing, and dreaming about the gift you want to receive. Visualization and meditation are common practices people use to manifest what they desire. 

After months of envisioning a new ride in your parking spot, you’ll be pleasantly shocked when your Aunt Lou dies and leaves you her brand new Toyota Camry. The death of Aunt Lou, though she was old, probably wasn’t what you intended. But hey, you got a car! A totally basic Uber-driver model, but it’s still a car, and now you can make it to work every day. 

You may not be buying all of this intention jargon, and that’s totally fine. But if you’ve ever seen or read The Secret or heard talk about the Law of Attraction, then you know what we’re talking about. People believe that if you ask the universe for what you want, you will get it. It’s that simple. It’s like magic or something. 

The Sex Magic Breakdown

So now that we know how magic works, which is much easier than we all thought – seriously, there is no need for bunnies in hats or never-ending strings of polyester scarves (thank you media, for filling our minds with lies) – we can delve into how to put that famous hocus pocus into your sex life. 

The power of an orgasm is intense (like, don’t we all know it?). It makes our toes curl, our lover’s scream, and our bodies shake. So you have to think, with all that energy, if you put an intention behind it, wouldn’t it manifest?

According to the witch community of the world, the answer is ‘yes’! Sex magic is a form of energy work, just like meditation, reiki, crystal work, and visualization. “Experts” suggest having a strong and clear intention before going into the sexual experience. 

Ooh girl that feels… INTENTIONAL

Modern-day sex magic is actually a take on the ancient practice of Tantra, which originated in the Eastern world. It is the delicate combination of spirit and sex. It takes sexual energy and combines it with prayer to the heavens, bringing it to a whole new level. Say ‘bye’ to heavenly father and ‘hello’ to heavenly daddy!

Sophie Saint Thomas, author of “Sex Magic: How to Cast Spells with Your Orgasms” writes:

Other techniques involve repeating mantras during orgasm, focusing on sigils (a magical symbol) to help focus your energy, and invoking certain deities. Hathor, Isis, and Aphrodite are common goddesses to invoke, but you can use whatever deity appeals most to you since sex magic is so personalized and intuitional.”

Although repeating mantras during orgasm may seem a little too kinky for your partner and a little difficult to concentrate on as your nails are digging into the mattress, it is believed that this small addition can make a huge difference in your results. 

Now when you orgasm, your intention is released into the universe with all the sexual energy you had behind it. Think of it as a boomerang launching into space, only to come back to you with whatever you intended. Pretty sweet, huh? 

This, of course, can be achieved through masturbation. But if done with a partner, there will be even more energy behind the intention, simply because there are two people involved.  And the sexual connection between humans creates a greater flow of energy than just you and your hand. Let’s just hope your partner can stick it out until your intention is released. 

Cat Cabral, a Wiccan priestess, comments on further benefits of practicing intention during sex with your partner: 

“With a partner, it becomes really cool and exciting when you can trust someone, and the both of you can work together. You know, staring at each other in the eyes, maybe slowing down an orgasm, breathing together.”

But even if your partner isn’t down for getting that freaky, you can feel free to continue to quietly repeat your mantra into the pillow your face is being shoved into. 

Or, if you’re totally against the hype and not willing to cash in your magical wand for an orgasm-wish, that’s cool too. There are still a great many muggle orgasm benefits that we can all get down with, without having to concentrate so hard.

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