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All That Glitters: Bay Bridge with China Clipper, 1939

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All That Glitters is an homage to the dreamers and schemers that make the Bay Area unique. San Francisco artist Kaytea Petro uses a homemade hibiscus ink to illustrate historic photos, lovingly depicting a bygone era. More of her work can be seen at or on her Instagram.

All the the writings were created by students at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts.

Bay Bridge with China Clipper, 1939

One More Thing for the Sky to Claim

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By: Zenon Talbot & Natalie Greene

When I look up
I see the stars.
Now I see smoke from the plane.
As if it’s scratching at the sky,
Leaving streaks in its path.

When I look up
I see the sun.
Now I see the shining of the silver body,
Glinting and turning
Winking. Smiling.

On the plane they have china dishes and cups.
They eat and drink
While they soar through the air.
It’s privilege at its best.
But at least I can see her beauty
from the ground.

And now instead of just the
Sun and moon and stars and clouds.
The sky has one more thing to claim.
The China Clipper.

About the Authors: Zenon Talbot and Natalie Greene are high school students at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts.

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