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Telegraph Hill . August 2020

The Bay Area is surrounded by forests, once you leave the cities in any direction other than west, you will run into forest areas, and those forests are currently on fire.  The closest forest fire is in Point Reyes, but there are 4 major zones to keep an eye on.

LA Times Fire map is probably the most often updated and best fire map tool in the west.

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LA Times (interactive) Fire map is probably the most often updated and best fire map tool in the west.  As you can see there is a ring of fire around the Bay Area.  The lighting strikes from last weekend lit fires in the Santa Cruz Mountains, to the ranch country east of San Jose.  Vacaville and Napa to the North are on fire, as well forests in Mendocino county, there are even forest fires in Point Reyes National reserve right now.

Point Reyes, Marin County: Woodward Fire at Limantour Beach

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) reported this morning that 204,481 Acres have burned so far, with 5,762 Incidents of wildfire,  279 Structures affected, and so far 0 fatalities.

Official CA Forestry department fire map & fire statistics:

To put this year’s fires in perspective, during the most recent terrible wildlife year of 2018, firefighting agencies responded to 7,948 fires that burned 1,975,086 acres.  We are just getting started.   Currently winds are steadily blowing West to East and this is largely keeping smoke out of the Bay Area.  If that wind shifts in ANY direction, we will get thick smoke in the Bay, just like in 2018.

SF Drone Footage 2018 smoke: 

Want to help make your home safer from fire?  Here’s a CAL FIRE guide:

Being Ready for Wildfire ? starts with maintaining an adequate defensible space ?, using fire-resistant landscaping ?, and by hardening your home ? by using fire-resistant building materials. Defensible space is the buffer you create by removing dead plants, grass and weeds.

Bay Area Air Quality index:

As people from these wildfire areas are evacuated, let friends and loved ones know they can come shelter with you, or that you are thinking of them during these awful times.  Stay safe, stay cool, wear a mask.  The air quality index across the state indicates VERY poor air quality.  But in the Bay Area today, the air will be horrendous/Unhealthy to breath.

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