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SF’s First Outdoor Barber Shop

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Considering about 100% of San Franciscans could use a haircut right now, SF’s first COVID-compatible, outdoor barber shop is a welcome relief! Barbers from SF Barbershop and Kam the Barbarian have teamed up to form ‘The Barber Collective‘ and will begin cuttin’ hair Wednesday September 2nd, at 428 11th Street, inside SoMa StrEat Food Park.

The Barber Collective: “20+ barbers are banding together in barbershop harmony, proving there’s still opportunity to build real community during COVID. Patrons can find the perfect fade, bid farewell to their man-bun, and take their beards from patchy to polished with this all-star crew.”

And don’t forget the Food trucks available with outdoor seating: Firetrail Pizza, Nucha Empanadas, Porkie SF, and StrEat Brew Bar.

SoMa StrEat Food Park.: “In 2012, food trucks were the new “it” dining destination, but antiquated regulations meant there weren’t places for trucks to legally park. SoMa StrEat Food Park met that need with space and support, creating opportunities for SF’s diverse, mobile restaurateurs to thrive. We’ve spent the last eight years celebrating cultural exploration through taste and building community in an inclusive and affordable way. It’s been a delicious ride, but we know the city needs more than a bite to eat these days.” 

Open daily from 10am-6pm starting Wednesday, September 2nd

To book an appointment: click here

Located at 428 11th Street, inside SoMa StrEat Food Park 

Social Media: @the.barber.collective.sf on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 

Food trucks: Firetrail Pizza, Nucha Empanadas, Porkie SF, and StrEat Brew Bar

* Mandatory masks, extra sanitization, touchless payment, and outdoor cuts make customer safety and physical distancing a breeze inside the 18,000 square foot space. Appointments are encouraged, walk-ins are welcome, and entourages should feel free to enjoy eats from the food trucks and drinks from the bar in addition to haircuts.

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