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SWIM Gallery has teamed up with LA-based artist Sickid to release a new ACAB hoodie to take action against police brutality and racial injustice. All proceeds from this hoodie will be donated to Campaign Zero, a non-profit organization that is committed to ending police violence through research, organization, and advocacy.

Featuring original artwork in the painter’s comic book- and graffiti-inspired style, this collaboration is a way for these creatives to take a stand against complacency that some people may have towards the events that have erupted across the country following the death of George Floyd. While the graphic is a more literal interpretation of the popular F*CK 12 slogan, past work from Sickid has been critical of, and subversive to, authority figures that exist in today’s society.

A post on the artist’s Instagram says that this hoodie is being released in regards to “the blatant racism and oppressive attitudes carried by the police that have come to a point that us as people will no longer excuse, accept, or allow to carry on.”

The ACAB Hoodie by Sickid is a 100% cotton hoodie that has been produced by SWIM ALL-STARS, a new organization that helps artists bring their creative dreams into reality. Interested fans can purchase a hoodie with free shipping at SWIM’s website.

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