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Raise Money for Biden/Harris with the BAS Run for Democracy!

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By Kevin Madden

From Bernie lovers to Liz mourners, we can safely say that most BAS readers are a tad left in their politics. But we are all united on one thing: we MUST defeat Donald Trump! So we are launching this effort to help elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next President and Vice-President.

Please check out this short, highly entertaining video that Alexandra Liss from BrandBar shot & edited. If you like it, we love you. If you hate it, and still sponsor a runner or walker and give money to the campaign, we don’t care if you hate our guts. The video is incidentally super entertaining, and darn short – watch it now! Did we mention it is short and entertaining?

So that’s all there is to it. It’s a walkathon/runathon/shimmyathon/whateverathon to get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected. Walk, skip, run, or jump…clock your miles and get your friends to support your efforts by donating at this link right here. And while you are at it, please contribute yourself to the Biden Harris Victory Fund.

If you are going to run or walk, gently ask your friends for a per-mile pledge. Then ask if you can use their first and last names while singing their praises when you post online about all the money you’re raising. The last day to log a run and collect funds for runners/walkers is Sunday, October 25th (roller blades and skates is fine – anything your friends will agree to sponsor), and they (NOT you) must click and donate on this link on or before Monday, October 26th:

Here’s How it Works:

1. Pick your app to log your miles. Here are a few we’ve used: Strava, Nike Run Club, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Fitbit, Map My Walk, etc.

2. Gently ask your friends. Maybe you’re going to skateboard, and you want $5 a mile from that kid who went to Yale who always wanted to date you. Maybe you’re running or walking, and your roommate is down for a buck a mile from the time you tell them until that Sunday the 25th of October. Or 10¢ a mile. Anything we can gather to BEAT the orange clown.

3. Get a private commitment from them (email? text?), with the clear understanding that on that Sunday or Monday (the 25th or 26th of October), they have to figure out how much dough they owe, and click on the link above to make their donation.

4. We can’t be clear enough about this to our athletes: do NOT gather the money from your friends/sponsors. They have to make the donation directly via the link above.

5. Thank your sponsors publicly via social media (only if they are ok with it). You can even do what I did and set up a page where you can keep people updated as you’re racking up the miles. Here is mine as an example: Kevin’s Special Facebook Page for this Fundraiser. When posting use the hashtag #BASRun4Democracy to help promote it!

Keep an eye out on this page here at Broke-Ass Stuart as we might have a graphic/logo for you to share on your social media pages. And if you want to design one, please let us know!

From everyone at BAS, a hearty thank you for your time and energy to save our country!

The Reluctant Athlete,
Kevin A. Madden
Orange Clown Hater, Kevin the Cap, Magician (really), & #ReluctantAthlete
p.s. The most important thing is your effort. If you are an athlete, ask your friends today. If you know a runner or walker who wants Biden to win, share this with them, and see if they’ll run for the Biden Victory Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions We Bet Are Coming:

Can I pass around a jar at the coffee house or office? Nope. That violates campaign finances laws. They have to make their donation at the end of the campaign via this link on Monday, October 26th.

What if I donate on Tuesday the 27th? That’s fine. Life will go on.

Is Stuart or anybody involved in this effort getting paid a token fee? Nope. Not a dime.

What’s in it for you then? The survival of civilization as we know it. Seems like that is a good idea, for all of our odd civilization’s faults.

What if I want to just walk or run, and donate for just the miles I do? Nothing wrong with that, and appreciated, but by just asking three friends, you will triple your effect!

– Can I share this with people outside the San Francisco Bay Area? Yes, anywhere where American citizens can click on this form and donate.

I have some question about the legality of my donation. Way beyond our pay grade. Please click on this link when ready to donate: all the information is there.

How does this work with existing campaigns’ efforts? The Biden campaign, the DNC, and 47 state parties have entered a joint fundraising agreement to build on the DNC’s already existing infrastructure that will help defeat Donald Trump and win elections for Democrats across the country. Our goal is to ensure that we put Joe Biden in the best position possible to beat Donald Trump, and your support of the Biden Victory Fund allows us to do just that.

Why do you hate the Orange Clown so much? Because we read books and have empathy for both people we know, and people who are unlike us.

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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