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Benicia Bakery Recreates Life-Size Mandalorian Characters Out of Bread!

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Carbs are said to be comfort food, yeasty treats that soothe anxious souls. As many of us in days of shelter can attest to, bread has become a staple, a welcome mat at the door of normalcy in an uncertain world. And most of us are also now 15 pounds heavier, but that’s what COVID pants are for.

What could be more comforting than bread? How about bread in lifesize shapes of your favorite Star Wars (excuse me, Mandalorian) characters? It may not have same cheese pairing appeal, but Star Wars–for most–brings joy. Comfort + joy = everything we need right now.

One House Bakery in Benicia, Calif. shows off the Mandalorian-inspired bread art. (Photo courtesy of Hannalee Pervan)

In that light, One House Bakery has baked up exactly what the doctor ordered as an entry for Benicia’s annual Downtown Scarecrow Display.

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Under the leadership of accomplished baker and One House Bakery owner Hannalee Pervan, a team toiled and kneaded for two weeks to create ginormous, edible Mandalorian-esque works of bready art to be displayed in front of the downtown Benicia bakery for the month of October. Masked gawkers can stroll by shop windows to drool over the “Pandroid” or the “Baby Dough-da”, but the pain de résistance is really all about the “Pain Doughlorian.”

The inventions are enhanced with clever kitchen tool accessories to pull off that sci-fi feel. 

“Pain Doughlorian” created by One House Bakery in Benicia, Calif. (Photo courtesy of Hannalee Pervan)

According to a press release from One House Bakery, the works of delicious art were unveiled Saturday. By 4 p.m., 60,000 Reddit users had upvoted the famed Pain Doughlorian as a fan favorite.  

You can get in on the Benicia scarecrow stroll all month. Check out more details here.


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