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If a 102-year-old Can Vote During a Pandemic, You Have No Excuse.

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Ora Smith was born the same year that a deadly infection overtook the country and turned life upside down.  The 102-year-old was born in 1918, when a deadly strain of influenza plagued the U.S. and led to an estimated +675,000 deaths in the country.

So when one of the most pivotal elections of her lifetime fell during the second pandemic of her lifetime, Ora didn’t think twice about casting her vote.  To maximize her safety, she submitted her absentee ballot at an in-person ballot box this month in Hampton, South Carolina.

Her grand nephew’s tweet:

Ora’s Son, Dr. Quentin Youmans was so inspired by his 102-year-old great aunt that he tweeted photos of her, bundled up in a trench coat and head scarf, with her absentee ballot in one hand and a disposable face mask in the other.

Ora told CNN it’s an “enjoyment to go vote,” but she voted absentee this year for her safety due to the current pandemic.

“Well, I think we need to change presidents, for one,” she said. “So I voted for this man (Biden). I hope he does a good job.”

A staunch supporter of former President Barack Obama, Ora said she doesn’t like the way President Donald Trump has led the country during his time in office. “Things were pretty good until this other man got there,” she said. “It looks like he wants things to go back to Hoover times,” a reference to the Great Depression when millions of Americans struggled to find work and poverty was widespread.

“We don’t want that to come back to the generation coming now,” she said. “That’s why I’m so happy if this puts Trump out.”

Obama’s Response:

Looking for a solid, progressive guide to voting?  Here is our November 2020 BAS Voter Guide.

Looking for official, early voting drop boxes in your area? You can find the closest one to your address via the state gov site:

 VOTE EARLY, if Ora can, you can too.

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