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Expect Strict Stay at home Orders to Continue in Bay Area & California

Updated: Dec 31, 2020 09:48
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Gov. Gavin Newsom’s regional stay-at-home order for Southern California was scheduled to expire today (Monday), but with regional intensive care unit capacity officially considered to be ‘zero’, he announced the order will almost assuredly be extended.

California recently topped 2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases on Christmas Eve, and the worst is expected to come in the next few weeks after Christmas and New Year’s travelers return home.  If people think the COVID infection rate was bad after Thanksgiving, just wait for two weeks after Christmas (aprox 1/8/21).

“We are likely, I think it’s pretty self-evident, going to need to extend those regional dates,” Newsom said. “… Based upon all the data and based upon all these trend lines, it is very likely based on those current trends that we’ll need to extend that stay at home order, (which) you recall was a three-week order when we announced it.”

Since the beginning of COVID restrictions, San Francisco has sought to maintain the strictest lockdown ordinances in the state, other Bay Area counties were not far behind, but San Francisco has been consistently attempting to set the standard for caution in this pandemic.

Expect small businesses like restaurants, bars, gyms, salons to be at their highest restrictions levels in January.  For information on SF restrictions visit:

This week California is 2nd place in the US for daily COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents, over a seven day period.  This according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention case per capita tracker. Only Tennessee is fairing worse than California as of this Morning. (12/28) with Arizona and Oklahoma not far behind.

State/Territory Average Daily Cases per 100k in Last 7 Days
Tennessee 119.7
California 95.7
Arizona 88
Oklahoma 83.2
Indiana 72.5
West Virginia 71.4
Alabama 68.6
Utah 67.3
Arkansas 65.6
Nevada 64
Delaware 63.6
New York* 63.6
Pennsylvania 63.2
Georgia 62.6
Ohio 61.4
Massachusetts 59.7
Mississippi 57.9
Rhode Island 57.4
North Carolina 56.8
New Mexico 56.5
Idaho 53.7
South Carolina 50.9
New Jersey 50.6
New York City* 50.5
Kentucky 48
Florida 46.4
Kansas 45.4
New Hampshire 45.4
Illinois 44.8
Virginia 44.7
Nebraska 43.7
Louisiana 43.2
Texas 42.7
South Dakota 42.4
Colorado 42.2
Wyoming 40.9
Missouri 40.8
Connecticut 39.9
Maryland 38.7
Wisconsin 37.7
Montana 37.6
Iowa 37
Alaska 34.3
Maine 31.2
Minnesota 30.2
Michigan 29
District of Columbia 27.7
North Dakota 26.7
Washington 26.5
Oregon 22.1
Puerto Rico 21.4
Vermont 14.3
Virgin Islands 9.1
Hawaii 8.5
Guam 6.3
Northern Mariana Islands 1.8
American Samoa 0
Federated States of Micronesia 0
Palau 0
Republic of Marshall Islands 0

As you can see in the State’s ‘Risk Level by County’ map bellow, every heavily populated county is currenting in the purple tier, which means the most stringent lockdown orders will remain in effect.

See all state COVID data here:

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