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Steph Curry Answers Slander by Shooting 62 Points in a Game

Updated: Jan 24, 2022 13:44
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Many have tuned into, noticed and shot off their hot takes about Steph Curry’s slow start to the 2021 season. Steph shooting a civilian like 18 for 56 from the 3 point line entering Sunday night’s tilt with Oakland’s own Damian Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers. The Twittersphere was ablaze claiming Steph is nothing without a Klay Thompson or a Kevin Durant to take the focus off of one of the sharpest shooters the NBA has ever seen. Then came the comparisons to Lebron James and the ability to carry a team, which makes no sense to anyone who has followed basketball longer than a single season, as they are two completely different players in two completely different systems which get them their respective open looks. Damian Lillard even chimed in claiming that Steph looks “different.” Slander? Probably not as he has seen first hand what Wardell Curry is capable of. Say what you want but as the saying goes “Steph is gonna Steph.”

Oh and did Steph ever Steph Sunday night, picking himself up off of the floor and flying in his classic airplane like fashion to the other end of the floor after dropping in his final 3 on his way to a career high 62 points. This incredible act lands him second all-time in Golden State Warriors history behind Rick Barry’s 64 point effort in the 73-74 season against, yep you guessed it, the Portland Trailblazers. Remember the untouchable feats of Wilt Chamberlin were done with the then Philadelphia and San Francisco Warriors respectively. It was a night for the critics, or one to give them pause when speaking Curry’s name. Steph put up his 62 points on 18 of 31 shooting from the floor and 8 of 16 from beyond the arc in 36 minutes.

Steph hit the post game podium rocking a Lupe Fiasco hoodie, who also happens to be an overlooked MC once the “who has bars” conversation gets started. It was a fitting look from a guy who seems to be constantly being defended by others on his greatness and leadership ability. However his game will always speak for itself.

When told about the Thompson tweet Steph simply said, “I’ll call him on the way home, it takes one to know one.” And about that criticism? “The great ones are always confident in who they are… I like being talked about that means there’s expectations.” Even Lillard himself acknowledged the feat in a tweet.

While it was a great individual effort, it was a great team win as Curry laid praise on his Dubs counterparts. Last night was Steph’s night however and about the so called slander? I’ll let Isaiah Thomas send us home with his pre 62 point effort tweet.

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