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Amazingly Bad Pet Portraits Offered by Oakland Animal Services!

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Every now and again something amazing happens in the world of bad pet art.  And when that happens, rest assured is on the case!

Oakland Animal Services announced the kickoff of their second annual Bad Art Fundraiser!  Meaning you can donate to help sheltered animals in the bay area and get a custom, unprofessional, and amazing portrait of your own pet for a mere $25-$50 donation.

And let’s face it, many of these portraits are priceless:

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Although some portraits are a little bit too good for our taste like this portrait:

You can be sure that you will most likely get a classic like this masterpiece of ‘Buster Posey’ the cat:

Or perhaps something bordering on the abstract, like this famous portrait of ‘Norman’.  Let’s face it, the sky is the limit!

 Here is all the info from Oakland Animal Services: 

After spending a pandemic year at home with our pets in Zoom meetings, we decided a second annual Bad Art fundraiser was necessary — some of us may even give our pets crayons and paper to make the art! Seriously, we are not guaranteeing good or even mediocre art, but we are guaranteeing that your donation will help FOAS help the animals and people of Oakland. 

We know a lot of folks adopted quarantine companions, so let’s get them portraitized (if that’s a word). We know that your new pet has helped you make it through these challenging times, providing unconditional love and bringing you joy. Now you can celebrate that pet with some lovely – or not so lovely – art.

There are some incredible artists among the amazing volunteers who make the day-to-day operations of OAS possible. And there are many more who, let’s face it, should probably keep their day jobs. This erratic team has joined forces for a fabulous new fundraiser for the Friends of Oakland Animal Services.

For a donation of just $25, you’ll get an original portrait of your pet by a possibly-talented OAS volunteer. So set your bar nice and low, and support FOAS with a gift of $25 or more today! If you’re feeling more generous, or just prefer paper to digital, you can donate $50 to receive a hard copy of the portrait in the mail. There is no limit to the number you can purchase.

To get your, ah, unique pet portrait:

  1. Make an online gift of $25 or $50 (or more). Your gift must be made between Monday, March 8 and Monday, March 16, 2021.
  2. Forward your donation receipt to, along with a photo of your pet (one photo per donation).
  3. By mid-April, you will receive your one-of-a-kind pet portrait — and prepare to tell your friends that they just don’t understand modern art. Art will be delivered electronically; for a gift of $50 or more, we’ll mail you a hard copy of your pet portrait (please provide your mailing address).

Our marginally-talented OAS artists are standing by! Make your gift to FOAS today!

Get your pet portrait here.

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